CrowdStrike stock price on 2/15/2023Many asset managers suggested CrowdStrike was a good buy for investors with a long-term time horizon in 2022; however, the price never looked cheap enough for me to open a position. Checking the stock now is a different story.

CrowdStrike likely bottomed for this bear market a few days into the new year. It was difficult to know that then though. The stock still sits at the bottom of its 50-day SMA and is not far from its lows roughly 6 weeks ago, making it an attractive time to buy into the stock.

CrowdStrike has a market cap of 28.38 billion. Its forward P/E is 58.33. Its short float is 4.05%. The expected growth over the next five years is 58.90%.

On February 14, Goldman upgraded CrowdStrike to a buy rating and gave it a $141 price target. CrowdStrike’s current price is 116.31 and is up 4.14% since its last trading day.

Image credit: FinViz