Google has just released the latest version of the Chrome Beta for Android devices which has been given the build number 29.0.1547.55. Being Chrome, you can install it on all the usual devices, including the range from mobile and tablets.

This version is particularly useful to those who were having issues opening the browser tabs.

Google Chrome

This update doesn’t come with a great deal inside when thinking of new features. It does, however, come with some very useful bug fixes which were known to cause a stir, especially inside the HTC One V handsets. Reports of faulty text padding which gave a bad look on the screen, and a screen API bubble were two of the many things Google aimed to fix in this latest Chrome update.


Keep in mind this is a beta version and not the complete final build yet. That means it is still in testing stages and although we just saw an update, it is still expected to carry some issues along the way.

We recommend to download this Chrome beta as a trial and not to install it on your handset you reply on for important daily tasks.

Download Chrome Beta 29.0.1547.55 for Android

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