The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for AT&T Subscribers is receiving a new C105A_KKUCUBNI1 software update over the air. The firmware brings the OS up to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The ‘Zoom’ stands for the camera lens attached to the front, making this smartphone with more of an emphasis on taking pictures. That said, I’m not sure even those who were shopping for a semi-snapper were expecting to be left this far in the dark when it comes to software updates. It’s roughly 18 months since this mobile come out to shelves and this is the first software update since it’s release.

Looking at the positives, it means you are in for a great deal of changes. We know 4.4.2 traditionally comes with white status bar icons for the battery, WiFi, signal strength and speed. They change to a transparent white when draining or if the signal isn’t full. Moreover, there’s full screen album art from the lock screen, movie art from the lock screen, new Emoji faces, landscape keyboard improvements, immersive mode, an updated Easter Egg available from the Settings and more.

S4 Zoom

Make sure you keep a lookout for a notification alerting you of its arrival. All OTA’s rollout in periods to owners. That means subscribers find it arriving at different times. The rollout is officially underway now and will continue to do so for the coming days and well into next week. There’s no official time for the concluding event available from the support page. However, since this is a separate phone carrier release it won’t take as long as a global release.

Tap the “download” and “install now” options when you are ready to start installing the file. You may opt to put it on hold. It’s a common choice for those away from a WiFi network when the notification arrives. We always recommend installing the files over WiFi because it takes you away from the high network traffic which comes from those downloading the same update as you. These are often high traffic times. Extra traffic means a less stable connection, making you more prone to requiring factory resets.

Those delaying the installment want to head to Settings > More  > About Device Software Update > Check for Update. Furthermore, you can navigate to Menu > More > Settings > About Device and check the software version to make sure it’s running.

Stay in touch with Samsung’s official Twitter page for all the latest on future updates coming your way. Let us you know you think of the Android 4.4.2 C105A_KKUCUBNI1 firmware update in the comments.