This is our first real look into a useful Google Glass app, and it’s sure to make Glass a fair bit cooler to the average sports fan. If you put on a pair of the Glasses and run, Blue, you can get heaps a great stats in front of your face, much like you would if you were at home in front of the television set.

Most will agree that seeing things real life and in person gives off a much better experience. However, we also know that it isn’t perfect. One of the main things it lacks is the knowledge, the extra stats, the extra views, the replays and the list is endless of things we miss. Now, though, with the Blue app we can get all of those things in our sports, but also still get the real life experience of being at the ball park.

Not sold yet? Well, you may never be. Many people are still not sold on the big Google Glass fiasco because they simply don’t want a piece of technology sitting in front of their real eyes. They want nothing in their way. They want the experience to remain pure and uninterrupted. Unfortunately, that is something that Glass can’t fix.

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