These are the best custom ROMs for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet. The custom ROM will replace the stock ROM that you are using on the HD 7 tablet. You can anytime flash your stock ROM back on the device and remove the custom ROM. In this list, you will find some of the best third-party developers in the business making ROMs for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7, including the guys from Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, team PAC-Man. Additionally, you’ll find some talented developers who have made ROMs strictly for this device, including the Kinology ROM and the Schism ROM — both amazing new ROMs in their own right.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7

Files You Need

  • You may need to get root access on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet before you can install the custom ROM you are hoping to install. Often a custom ROM can come with root access; thus you do not need to get root access to the Kindle Fire HD 7 internal system before you begin.
  • You do need to install a custom recovery on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 before you can flash any of the custom ROMs you will find available from the links below. A custom recovery gives you the zip file features which a stock recovery on the Kindle Fire does not.
  • You can choose to upload the Google Gapps packages for your ROM version if you want to install the Google stock apps. Sometimes a custom ROM can come with the Google stock apps, but most of them require you to install the Gapps packages instead. You install them the same way you install the custom ROM on your device.
  • You are voiding the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 warranty by following the guide below. That shouldn’t bother you in any case since unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery and rooting the Kindle Fire all void the warranty too.

CyanogenMod 12.1 (Official)

Sometimes you can get developers who are not associated with the CyanogenMod team creating custom ROMs under the CyanogenMod name. You can easily identify them by seeing the word “unofficial” next to the ROM. When you see it says “official” you know it is made by the real CyanogenMod team. The real CyanogenMod builds comes with obvious benefits, including a stable ROM and a ROM that comes with all the features.

One feature that is not talked about nearly enough is the unique Cyaongen Browser you get from the CyanogenMod 12.1 custom ROM after you install it on your Kindle Fire device. Looking at the statistics, the CyanogenMod Browser blows all competition out of the water. It performance at double or over in every benchmark test when paired against the Google Chrome browser which is known as the best and most popular browser in the world.


Features: LiveDisplay, Calendar with email, Cyanogen Browser, browser performance more than double that of Google Chrome, Cyanogen browser more than one and a half times faster than Google Chrome, Cyanogen Browser more than twice as energy-efficient, Cyanogen Browser with location privacy, redesigned launcher, AudioFX, increased playback support.

Download: official CyanogenMod 12.1

Android Ice Cold Project (Android 5.1.1 Lollipop)

The Android Ice Cold project custom ROM based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is an unofficial build, meaning that it was not made by the official AICP team. Basically, it’s been put together by the community and they have based it from would-be AICP work — if that makes any sense. It comes with a few issues along with its current Nightly status, including the AICP boot logo isn’t working, the ROM isn’t pre-rooted so you need to have root access (upload SuperSU from your custom recovery), and a few more.

Download: unofficial Android Ice Cold Project

Resurrection Remix (Android 5.1.1 Lollipop)

We all know Resurrection Remix is one of the best names in the business. Sadly this is an unofficial build and not an official build made by the real team. That said, it holds its name because the community is helping build the unofficial ROM that is still based on Resurrection Remix work. These ROMs are usually very stable and reliable, but take that with a pinch of salt now this is unofficial.

Features: based on Android 5.1 Lollipop, based on Linux 3.0, based on AOSP, CyanogenMod and Resurrection Remix.

Download: unofficial Resurrection Remix

Wolf Pack (KitKat)

Most people think that KitKat is now outdated, but it’s still the most popular ROM installed on Android device — and by that I mean official stock ROMs around the world. Lollipop is still not the most popular. The Wolf Pack refers to a pack of various ROMs, including the Carbon and Omni ROMs which are both based on AOSP builds. Some of them are unofficial, but they are still known as stable — as you would hope from a KitKat ROM.

Features: developed by Hashcode, xWolf13, MWisBest, Android 4.4 KitKat, Linux 3.0, stable ROM, based on AOSP builds.

Download: Wolf Pack ROM

Kindle Fire Kinology

If you are a custom ROM aficionado, you might not have heard of the Kinology ROM and easily dismissed it. That would be a giant mistake. The Kinology custom ROM is our pick as the best custom ROM for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 device and it should be tried at least once by everyone.

Kindle Fire Kinology

Features: lower brightness levels are enabled, display density is set to 200, proper notification icons replace the My Kindle text, more layouts thanks to the new density, long-press navigation bar to bring up recents, bluetooth sharing accepts all file types, advanced accessibility options enabled, comes pre-rooted with SuperSU, Kindle app updates come installed, uninstall third-party apps easily, deodexed, optipng, and zip-aligned, Supports init.d, comes with BusyBox, OTA updates disabled, several bug fixes are included, removed lockscreen ads and more.

Download: Kinology ROM

Paranoid Android (Android 4.4 KitKat)

While I’ve already given the best custom ROM for Kindle Fire HD 7 honors to the Kinology ROM above, the Paranoid Android custom ROM comes a close second in my book. The Paranoid Android ROM is an official build, meaning it is made by the real team and not just the community. Paranoid Android fans will love this ROM, but it’s a clear second behind the Kinology for me due to the fact that it is still in its beta stages.

Paranoid Android

Features: Official Aospa-Legacy Build, based on Android 4.4 KitKat, based on Paranoid Android (beta stages), Pie’s freeze is fixed, SlimROM open source dialer, LTE bugs fixed, all audio issues fixed, is a beta 4 build.

Download: Paranoid Android

PAC-Mac ROM (Android 4.4 KitKat)

We all know the PAC-Man ROMs are one of the best custom ROMs available for any device when the official PAC-Man team is building the ROMs. We are pleased to announce that this is an official custom ROM build for your Kindle Fire HD 7 device. The PAC-Man ROM compiles what its developers think are the best features from other ROMs out there on the aftermarket and puts them on the one ROM. We certainly won’t argue with that definition — we love these ROMs.


Features: advanced keyboard, CyanogenMod themes, lockscreen notifications, Halo, navigation bar customization, Slim Pie, Slim Recents, Wakelock blockers, Omniswitch, battery bar, AOKP weather, Floating Window, Gesture Anywhere, PAC performance, PAC console and more.

Download: PAC-Man ROM

Schism ROM

Sometimes we try our best to mix it up a bit and give you guys a new custom ROM that you might not have had the pleasure of meeting yet. We know many of the same big names continually make great ROMs for the best devices out there on the market because there is a demand for them. However, what you might not appreciate is the fact that there are still some really amazing developers creating ROMs but only for one device. The Schism team are the perfect example. Try the Schism custom ROM on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 if you want to try something different that is also really great.


Features: trying to bridge the gap between Google Apps and the stock Android operating system, code done by team OmniROM, AOSPAL, ChameLeonOS, Dirty Unicorns, LiquidSmooth, Paranoid Android, CyanogenMod, Mahdi-ROM and more.

Download: Schism ROM