If you like the square shape design on your smartwatches then the LG G Watch is the superlative options over the rest unless you want to check out the Samsung galaxy gear. The circle Moto 360 design that launched along with Android wear proved very popular, but it isn’t for everybody. Anyhow, if you shop at best Buy retailing outlets you can pick up a special deal involving the first-generation G Watch for under $150. The original price in the United States is set for $229. That gives you a saving of just under $80.

Furthermore, Obviously the watch is getting older now so you aren’t saving a true $80. However, the price tag is still high throughout retail shops, therefore you still come up with a realistic price cut of around that a margin and we come toward the second half of the year where this model begins to age.

G Watch

We’ve witnessed competitors such as the Apple Watch launch in recent months, and they came up with something extravagant that also comes with a hefty price-tag. If you want to keep the costs down and don’t mind wearing a more budget variety that still looks really nice, then this watch is a great idea for you.

Moreover, the cheaper the watches go often the less features they come with. The g Watch does much of what the others do, but it lacks WiFi and GPS built-in to the internal system. Nevertheless, if you can do without those two features, you will love everything else when comparing it to the other products in the Android Wear line.

As I previously mentioned, the design has a love or hate relationship with lots of the world. It’s a great idea to take an extensive look at the pictures to see what you think. Personally, it’s one of my favorite out of the bench with a minimalist design that is squared in nature much like the gear series.

To serve as a reminder, the G Watch comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8226 system chip, Quad-Core processor, 2.2-inch physical display, IPS LCD touchscreen display with RGB matrix, 512MB RAM, and a 400mAh battery. By far the biggest issue with these new generation of modernized watches is the battery power. often it falls short of idealistic time. The one we have here lasts for 2 days when brand new. It comes with a rechargeable battery that plugs in much the same as the smartphones.