Titanium Backup 6.2

Titanium backup is one of the best backup applications out there on the Google Play Store. It is only available for those of you with rooted access, so if you haven’t unlocked the devices system internals yet, now’s a great time. Titanium is not a new app. However, the updated version to 6.2 is original.

As you know, Android handsets are currently receiving the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. We know it’s rolling out OTA to most of not all of the Google nexus range by now and more manufacturers flagships will be to come as soon as Google finishes rolling it out for the Google Play Edition phones and tablets.

Download the free version here.

Titanium Backup



Greenify is one application every Android user must try if they install lots of applications and suffer from battery drainage. You see, the more programs we are installing, the more our hardware and software creates flaws in the system. Many reasons contribute to the overall battery issue. If you don’t want to stop using apps just because of the battery, you want to install Greenify. As the name suggests, it works to make your device as ‘environmentally” friendly as possible. This time we aren’t talking about the trees outside, but just optimizing your device. Once more, this is not a new app, but since Lollipop users are complaining of issues, Greenify is now updated to help those running Lollipop with relief. If you are updating the OS to 5.0 Lollipop soon, you should use this version. Download it free here.



Google Keep 3.0

Continuing on the list of Android 5.0 Lollipop updates, Google Keep sees a brand new Material Design upgrade. Material Design is the standout feature of the 5.0 software update that aims to produce better graphics without adjusting the screens resolution or technology. Rather, it’s all built into the software for added effect. The new iteration is Google Keep 3.0 and it comes with a new icon and interface. Not much else worth mentioning by the way of features. Download the latest version here.

Google Keep


XCOM: Enemy Within

The XCOM franchise is at it again, this time with Enemy Within updates. If you like strategy games from your mobile or tablet, this is one you want to play. Sometimes strategy is a bit of a cop-out for zooming out to a bird’s eye view and not worrying about graphics as much. XCOM is a legit game that has both killer graphics and game play. You’ll never get tired of fighting in this one unless you find an area too difficult. The downside: it’s expensive. It costs just under $13 from the Play Store. Review this one from YouTube extensively before buying. Download it here. Additionall charges apply for in-app purchases.

Xcom Enemy Unknown


The Blocks Cometh

If you’ve enjoyed games such as Doodle Jump in the past, you’ll want to check out The Blocks Cometh. While a strange name, it executes beautifully. Picture Tetris, but with a man climbing some blocks instead of laying the blocks down. It’s retro-arcade so the onus isn’t solely on graphics alone, but the graphics are far beyond anything like Doodle Jump.

Download from Google Play here. Additionally charges apply for in-app purchases.

The Blocks Cometh


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