Though not everyone will want to utilize it because they may prefer saving hard drive space, Windows Vista does come with free automatic backup service for your files.

If you have the hard drive space, this might be of interest because usually backup services cost lots of money.

There are a few drawbacks to making use of your spare hard drive space. It is said that your computer may last longer if you use less space since the active space is viewed as active by the computer itself, and anything active has a limited life in computing. But the effects on computer longevity should be minimal if noticeable at all.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to backup files by turning on automatic backups when using a version of the Windows Vista operating system.

How to Backup Files with Optional Automatic Backups in Windows Vista

You can backup files with optional automatic backups via the Backup and Restore Center. Here is how to find and use it:

1. Open the Control Panel and select Classic View from the top right corner.

2. In Classic View, click on Backup and Restore Center.

3. Click on Back up Files.

4. From the Back Up Files dialog, select On a hard disk, CD, or DVD, and then use the drop-down menu to select a location on either of those things.

5. From the Which file types do you want to back up? screen, choose the types of files you want to back up (pictures, music, video, email, etc.)

6. From the How often do you want to create a backup? screen, select How Often, What Day, and What Time you want the backups to be taken.

Note: Do not miss the checkbox on this same screen next to where it says Create a new, full backup now in addition to saving settings.

7. Click on Save settings and exit.

Windows Vista will then backup your files.

In conclusion, that is how to backup files with automatic backups in Windows Vista.