So long as you are a subscriber to the AT&T phone carrier network and own the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you are finding a new over the air software update coming in the next few days. The build number for the firmware is AUCU1BNK3 and it doesn’t come with any change-log. For the most part, we understand that means few features and more of a Google security patch update. No doubt there are some bug fixes and users hopefully find themselves with a smoother and faster operating system after updating.

As always, the OTA’s roll out in periods to customers with the devices. That means you may get it today, tomorrow, later in the week or even into next week. There’s no way of predicting the formula or pressing a button combination to make it arrive faster like some believe.

Note 4

Although we don’t have the features list, we do know the file size is 233.7 MB. That means it large enough for you to seek out a WiFi connection to avoid unwanted data charges, high network traffic from others downloading the same software update as you and a more stable connection. Stability is a problem with high network traffic. Those of you preferring to air on the side of caution ought to back up the data before starting. You can back up the usual way, with Samsung Kies, or using any number of apps from the Play Store such as Helium.

Those of you looking to put the firmware on hold for later can always navigate to Settings > More > About phone > Software updates > Check for software updates and install it that way. Moreover, you can go to Settings > About Device > Build Number and check it’s running the latest so you know it’s working after you finish installing the file.

Furthermore, since the file size is over 230 Mb’s we know it likely does come with at least a few features making it well worth your time to upgrade. let us know what you think of the new iteration after you install the file. Does it come with the bug fixes you wanted? have you noticed any new features? Let us know in the comments.