If you are a subscriber to the AT&T phone carrier network and own the latest flagship smartphone under the HTC One name, there’s great news coming on the horizon. According to the official twitter account of Mo Versi, the phone is coming with a fresh software update which brings to new features you’ll want to have.

HTC clearly has a thing for innovation. Although, the AT&T variant in the United States is not upgraded to the much awaited Lollipop yet, but it has a new software update expecting to arrive in the coming days. This new update is for HTC M8 already running on KitKat, the Android version that comes before Lollipop. The new update is another version of Android 4.4.4 and is under the hood of AT&T variants only. It features Voice over LTE and HTC Eye Experience software suite. The Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is the much talked about technology that will be the end of 2G cellular services. It had its privileges. The sound quality shall be enhanced to a whole new level and it will also be improving the phone’s battery performance. Previously, the services like video chatting, instant messaging and files transferring were done using third-party apps like FaceTime and Skype. But now, there’s no opening another app.

HTC One M8

The fun feature in the new update is the Eye Experience. It enables you to do a video group chat up to 4 people. There are other functions like Face Fusion and Selfie Makeup. One interesting thing is the Stage Mood. It enables you to take a seamless picture with both front and back camera. Then, you can crop and adjust yourself to fit in the main frame.

As soon as AT&T provides 4.4.4 to your phones ports, you will witness a system update notification coming directly to the display. Now follow these steps: tap on “Notification” and choose “Download Now.” After the download is complete, select “Download Now”. In case there no system update notification, you have to do it manually: Settings > General > About Phone > Software Updates > Check Now.

You can read the official tweet sent out by Mo Versi here which states they’ve received the time of arrival for the update and that time is “early next week.” As soon as we start seeing the new software update rolling out over the air to selected devices we’ll report it with another post. Since the tweet came out several days ago, it’s only a matter of days or even hours until we see the roll out.

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