Talking Tom Cat is the app by Outfit 7 that is liked by everyone, be it a five years old kid or old people. The app has been able to take the place on almost all the devices out there, like iPhone, iPad, and Android. As the app saw some popularity in the market, the developers of the app began creating other apps like Talking Tom Cat and as the result, we now have plenty of talking characters to play with and in the following article, we will talk about such apps. These apps relax you when you are tired from your work and need rest, all you have to do in the app is just touch the different parts of the character, and it will reply you accordingly. You can have the character to laugh at you, make him cry and so on.


1. Talking Baby Hippo:

The Baby Hippo app lets you interact with a small hippo that is just awaiting your touches. Touch his nose and he wouldn’t like it, give him something to eat, and he will become happy. Touching different parts will let you discover the new actions that the Hippo could do for you, and if you are (probably your son or daughter) under seven years, you will surely have fun with this character on your device. You can also save the videos of the interactions that you made with the character and later you can send them to your friends.

The Talking Baby Hippo app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and the smartphone version costs $0.99 while the tablet version will set you back for $2.99. If you need some fun, the price just really worth it.

2. Talking Larry The Bird:

If you are sucked up by playing with animals and want something new, the Talking Larry will be the perfect choice for you. Larry, a bird, will play with you and will react to your actions as well. It can whistle and talk with you, so you don’t get bored. A new addition to the app is the Piano Keyboard using which you can have the bird to do actions. Just play the Piano and the Larry will reply you with a whistle. Similar to other apps by Outfit 7, you can feed the character, poke him and do such usual tasks.

You can download the Talking Larry for your iPhone, iPad, and Android at the price of $0.99 for smartphones and $2.99 for the iPad version.

3. Talking Rex The Dinosaur:

Feeling unfortunate because you couldn’t play with the Dinosaurs? Well, you don’t have to anymore as the Talking Rex app will let you feel like you are in the ancient times and talking with a real dinosaur. Rex will be happy to repeat your voice, and you can also touch the various parts of his body to let him react. You can record videos of the dinosaur to show them to your friends.

The Talking Rex app is available for all the three popular devices, iPhone, iPad and Android. The iPad version will cost you $2.99 while the other versions cost $0.99.

Outfit 7 has been a step ahead in making the funny character apps for the popular devices in the world. The apps listed above will help you kill your boredom and relax!