While we are well into the Q2 of 2014 and 2013 is nothing but a distant memory of the year that was, it is only just now that we are starting to see the startling results of who was targeted the most patent-wise out of all the technology brands. The record shows Apple clearly at the top and Amazon of all companies in second. From there, the record does not get any more predictable either with big time carrier AT&T over in the US claiming third position. Arguably the most fascinating considering how big they are Microsoft so far down the list in eighth place. They are obviously doing something right in Redmond Washington that keeps them out of trouble or maybe it is because they are not doing anything at all. You decide. Rounding out the top, ten is my favorite laptop business to this day in HP or better known as Hewlett-Packard.

For those of you wishing we could get a lot more insight as to where these patents came from and who issued them. Well, part of the deal when awarding patents is that it does go on the public record and you will be shown out. With that in mind, we do have the graph that shows each company and how many patents they have each dished out. This list will add up on both sides. For example, the total number of cases given will amount to the total on the companies graph that has Apple in the first place for receiving them.

After doing some research, I can tell you that according to sources the winner on the list for filing the most lawsuits is called Melvino technologies. They are registered in the British Virgin islands and they have an almighty history of trolling companies trying to sue them for as much money as possible. Dating way back to 2011, I am looking at people investigating them for allegedly suing 17 companies in 5 weeks. That all sounds a bit suss to me and if people are trying to get rich of just suing then hopefully the courts can cut that out as soon as possible. The other entity that teams up with Melvino on the list is called Arrival Star and you guessed it, they have a history of getting under businesses skin too. Two years ago ArrivalStar out of Luxumbourg made headlines for suing US public transport agencies. A quick glance at the headlines has most citizens furious over their claims and calling them nothing more than petty.

To conclude, it goes to show that just because a company is leading the list does not mean that they are bad people. Remember that the richer you are and the more products you create the more people want to come after you and they are not always permitted to do so. A lot of the time it is the team filing the lawsuit that are the bad ones.

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