Here’s a thought that had honestly never crossed my mind: Android powered landline phones are now in production by Panasonic. Knowing people who opt out of the old land line is nothing new. Many people choose to simply use their mobiles instead. So why bother having an Android land line then?

Well, effectively it will cost you like a land line and function as a landline, but with all of the Android features of a 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is the one said to be in question to be released first.

You can expect this range of home phones to come out as wireless and also look not too dissimilar to the current smart phone designs.

With most people choosing to stay on their current mobile contracts, there will be a load of people shying away from this. In my opinion, there will definitely be a market for it, though. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out. Panasonic obviously feel pretty confident in the idea.

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