Yesterday marked the day for the official release of the Google Nexus 9 tablet. As you know, that means Android 5.0 Lollipop is official with it and will come out of the box for these tablets. Google made the source code public already but hadn’t got around to releasing the factory image for the ‘Volantis’ model until today. The official factory image has the build number of LRX21L and is available directly from this Google Developers page here. There are no binaries, or other images available yet.

Factory Images are vital for people pursuing the custom scene away from the stock Android experience since it allows them to revert back to the stock software after installing Custom ROMs and unlocking the system internals.

Nexus 9

The Nexus range is always great value for money. If you love rooting your Android and unchaining the operating system so you can install custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod, AOSP, Paranoid Android and more, then you’ll surly want one. Next up is the Nexus 6 smartphone that is the flagship for the Mountain View company this year. Developers enjoy making ROMs for the Nexus range and there’s never any shortage of different ROMs to choose. If you fancy tinkering with the OS after you buy it, the factory image reduces the risk of making mistakes.

Google began accepting pre-orders from the Nexus 9 as of October 17 via the Google Play Store and now we are proud to inform you that you can pick yours up direct from the Play Store from this link. The newfangled tablet from the owners of the world’s largest search engine is currently in stock and will ship between 1-2 business days.