If you own the Google Play Edition of the Sony Z Ultra it’s time to smile since the Android 5.0 Lollipop update is officially heading your way. Today, we know many people who are receiving the system update notification alerting them they can download the new installment OTA. You can wait for yours to reach your device or anytime navigate to Settings > About Phone and check for the software updates that way. Understand that all OTA’s rollout in periods to everyone, meaning you and your friends will notice the update coming in at different times. Furthermore, it can take days or longer until it reaches everyone.

Those that are finding the notification ready are greeted with a bunch of goodies after finishing the installation. Android Lollipop comes with a brand new material Design UI, battery saving mode, better battery statistics, ART instead of Dalvik run-time, multi-user support for phones, lock screen notifications, newfangled notifications bar, new “recents” screen, quick settings and more. Finally we steer clear of writing about the last stages of KitKat that come with nothing more other than some Google security patches and a revamped phone dialer.

5.0 Lollipop

We cannot wait to see what you guys think about the new software update to the Lollipop after talking about it for so long. Please leave any comments with opinions you have. Is it everything you wished and more or did it let you down? We know more features will come in the future still under the Lollipop name so if you expected more it’s surely still on the way. For now, though, this is the main software Android and Google are rolling with for the rest of 2014 and well into 2015.

As I mentioned before, this is only for the Google Play Edition smartphone under the “Z” name. Sony are doing a fantastic job at getting the Mountain View company on their side for the Lollipop. We know the GPE Edition handsets usually get looked after before the rest. Only Motorola pipped Sony to the line this year, as they were recently a Google company before selling to Lenovo.

The LRX21P.S3.4201 software update is just under 400 MB’s in size. That’s a lot to download so you ought to install this one over the WiFi connection to avoid unwanted data charges, network traffic and a less stable connection.