As we direct our eyes toward the end of the holidays for many people around the world we wait eagerly to see what many companies produce. That also brings little dribs and drabs from the companies who aren’t expected to make big splashes just to keep their name in the news.

The international HTC One M8 sees Android 4.4.3 Kitkat coming “before the end of the week” according to reports. The overseas version is often slightly held behind the times that is both a blessing and a curse for many reasons, although we are sure most of them tell you nothing but a curse from a financial standpoint.

HTC One M8

Mo Versi, the VP of management for HTC, confirms the news earlier today via his Twitter account.

Correspondingly, Android 4.4.3 comes with some bug fixes, but we also know that it comes with one of its own. In past releases we noticed the OPENSSL bug creeping in and that was addressed in the Android 4.4.4 update for owners. However, given that the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets has had the chance to sit back and see the past problems, we expect those problems addressed and fixed. It leaves owners with more of an Android 4.4.4 final product and not the real 4.4.3 thanks to the extras put in this build. We also know that the CEO wants the next update to jump up to the Android L that is now out as a Developer Preview after the unveiling at the Google I/O event earlier in the year.

Moreover, if you do choose to go ahead with the installation, you will be greeted with more security tweaks and an all round better Kitkat environment to play with.

Starting towards the latter part of the working week, owners should watch out for the system notification alerting them that the new build is ready for installing. If they don’t choose to accept the notification there on the spot they can navigate to Settings > About Device and checking for software updates. It will ping back the software that is waiting and let you install it from there.

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