Galaxy Note II owners can now expect Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to be headed their way very soon, as there was a leak of it running found today. The handset leak was originally founded by a Vietnamese forum, and then word quickly spread around the web.

The developers over at XDA have been quick to jump into this one, as there are currently already several mirror links being provided by the guys. Before you jump into installing it you should probably note that it isn’t running fantastically smoothly as you might have imagined. It does need some work and careful TLC, but it is the real deal 4.3 none-the-less.

After it is working, the new update will have the phone on par with its newer brother — the Note 3 — which was recently released. You can expect the same speeds to be dished out across both devices.

There is also the Samsung Wallet to be found inside as a brand new feature. This does have its limitations, however, in the real world with only a handful of shops willing to take this as a form of payment in the present time.

If you want to try one of the mirrors you can head over to the official XDA website where there will be plenty of talk about it.

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