I want to use Windows PowerShell and add a new line between lines for text output. The new line in the string variable in PowerShell should make my code easier to read. Resolution:

The following tutorial demonstrates how to add a new line in PowerShell string when using a version of the Windows oeprating system.

There are two ways you can add a new line to a PowerShell string or variable: by using the `r carriage return or the line continuation character ` at the end of code. The backtick symbol, also sometimes referred to as a reversed quotation mark, can be used as a line continuation character by typing space at the end of the code, followed by the backtick ` symbol, and then pressing the Enter key on your keyboard to create the new line. The other method using the `r carriage return is explained in detail below.

How to Add New Line in Powershell String

You can add a newline to string in PowerShell by using the `n character. Here is how to do that:

1. Open the Windows Terminal app. See this tutorial for how to open Windows Terminal: How to Open Elevated Windows Terminal as Administrator in Windows 11 [Tutorial]

2. From the Windows PowerShell shell, type your code using the following guidelines:

1. PS C:\>"Here is your code `nAnd its new line"

When using the `n character, it will be transformed into this:

1. Here is your code
2. And its new line

In conclusion, that is how to add a newline to string in PowerShell.

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