A custom ROM will give your HTC Desire C smartphone new features and a new user-interface. The device comes with a stock Android ROM out of the box and all of the HTC Desire C owners have this same ROM. That means you could pick up your friend’s phone and it will be the same. However, if your friend was to install a custom ROM on the HTC Desire C, they would have a phone you could not recognize.

Custom ROMs are great for anyone who is wanting to improve the battery life, increase the performance, have additional features and stability. Each ROM is unique and comes with unique features making it different from the next. Some ROMs are not as professionally made as other ROMs so you should do some research before installing any ROM on the device you use daily and for work. That’s what this guide here is for. We will list the best custom ROMs for the HTC Desire C smartphone so you don’t have to do any research. Additionally, we’ll list the features and the general thoughts of each ROM and who might want to install the ROM on their devices.

HTC Desire C

Files You Need

You must install a custom recovery on the HTC Desire C before you can start flashing any custom ROMs on your device.

Aroma ROM

The Aroma ROM is probably one of the best custom ROMs for the HTC Desire C smartphone. The only thing about this ROM is that you will need to flash the boot.img if you are to get the WiFi working as the developer puts it from the official XDA Developers thread. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to install a new ROM without WiFi so it’s kind of a big deal to get that done.


Features: Fully deodexed, Graphics tweaks, Fully overclockable to 806mhz, 3D home screen transitions, modded HTC apps, Extra speed tweaks, Busybox installed, init.d script support, Custom Revolution SystemUI, OTA Updater support, Custom animations, Optimised system files, Zip aligned, All previous overclock kernels supported, fully themed as of V1.0, Customised power menu, recovery, bootloader, Superuser, rooted, Bash binaries installed, new frameworks, Kingbeatz audio, 4 Way power menu.

Download the Aroma ROM

Mini CM 10 ROM

The Mini CM 10 ROM of course stands for the Mini CyanogenMod 10 custom ROM. CyanogenMod ROMs are easy to tell apart because they always come with a number. We are well past the number 10 for CyanogenMod ROMs today, but that doesn’t mean you can install the others on the HTC Desire C. If you want to keep your device for work and make sure it’s stable, you probably should try out one of the CyanogenMod custom ROMs like this one.


Features: WiFi, Bluetooth Tether, Camera, RIL, Hardware Acceleration, SD Card, Capacitive Buttons, Video Playback, Wi-Fi Tether, Bluetooth, GPS, Audio, Ambient Light Sensor, USB Mass Storage, Video Recording.

Download the Mini CM 10 ROM

Omni ROM

The Omni ROM is usually a great custom ROM for devices and the team make ROM for many devices. However, this is only a beta 3 release so it’s still not a final release. For that reason we cannot recommend you install it on your daily smartphone. The Omni custom ROM is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which is still the most popular Android software version to be running today on devices.

Omni ROM

Features: Audio, Airplane Mode, Screen-Off Animation, NFC if your device is compatible, Omni Switch, GPS, Camera (Stills and Panorama), Immersive Mode, USB Tethering, Automatic Brighness, ADB, SD Card.

Download the Omni ROM

SlimBean V4

The SlimBean team make custom ROMs for many devices and not just the HTC Desire C smartphone. The SlimBean custom ROM is one of the best ROMs for this device and when you see the features list you’ll understand why.

Features: Pre-rooted latest SU, Added hosts file, Power collapse tweak, Pure Graphic tweaks, Battery saver Tweaks, Android 4.4 apps, Android 4.4 Sound, Customisable, Fast and smooth, KK style dialer, Customizable notification bar toggles, Improved Gaming performance, Added Holo Launcher hd, DPI to 140, Zipaligned all apks, Hardware acceleration enabled, Jellybean keyboard, Viper4sound tweaks, Modded Playstore, Android 4.4 bootanimation, All apps are up-to-date.

Download the SlimBean V4 ROM

Stock ROM

The stock ROM is the ROM you want to flash back on your HTC Desire C if you want to restore your device back to the original ROM it was running out of the box. Sometimes you might get sick of running your custom ROM and other times you want to just go back and use what Android made for you.

Download the stock ROM

CyanogenMod 10

The official CyanogenMod 10 custom ROM is available for the HTC Desire C smartphone. The CyanogenMod 10 custom ROM is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The best part about this ROM is that it is a stable ROM and as official as it gets. It is not a beta release or a nightly release.  We would choose this ROM for the most stability and best performance.


Download CyanogenMod 10

Light Blue Jelly ROM

The Light Blue Jelly ROM is a custom ROM that is based on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The Jelly Blue is one of the most recent custom ROMs made for this device and serves more recognition that it has gotten over the year. All you need to do is click the download link below to be directed through to its official XDA Developers thread where you can see the screenshots of this ROM.

Light blue Jelly ROM

Features: Black & Blue themed Calendar, Messaging and Playstore app, Blue themed lockscreen, Blue/White themed pattern lock, Custom Boot Animation, Status bar notification icons, Default UI, Blue icons in power menu and plenty more electric blue.

Download the Light Blue Jelly ROM