If you own the Sony Xperia E3 or the E3 Dual you ought to keep an eye on the notifications panel for a new message alerting you about a OTA update that’s ready for installing. The new software update comes with the build number of 18.4.C.2.12 for the standard smartphone and 18.4.B.2.14 for the Dual SIM supported phone.

The E3 with the model numbers D2203 and D2206 are receiving the firmware in Hungary, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Turkey, Serbia, India, Thailand, Slovak Republic, Thailand, Macedonia, Central Europe and India.


The E3 Dual D2212 is rolling to Ukraine Hong Kong, Russia, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, MENA Arabic and Portugal.

You know the drill: install the new firmware using a stable WiFi connection to avoid the mobile data charges that apply. Additionally, you skip the data traffic from other users installing the same update as you. Since this is a wide release there will be high traffic.

Those looking to play it safe will prefer taking a backup before choosing to accept the file. As I previously mentioned, the notification comes in automatically alerting you of its arrival. From there you can tap the “download now” followed by “install” options. Alternatively, put it on hold and stopover at the Settings > About Device > Software Updates and start installing it manually that way.