Android L is available at the present as a Developer Preview that will fix a lot of the bugs as we hone in on the release date set for this fall in the United States. However, that isn’t stopping phone carriers around the world pay special attention to those that needs minor updates in the KitKat chocolate software instead. NTT DoCoMo is a large carrier in the Japan region who are rolling out a new over the air update for the Sony Xperia Z, giving it a fresher version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

Countless Sony-based smartphones are already witnessing the later stages of KitKat roll out such as the ZR and ZL handsets. In addition the single ‘Z’ is seeing it in other parts of the globe under different subscriber companies.

Xperia Z

First off you will notice that Kitkat runs a great deal faster and smoother compared to the older Jelly Bean software on older devices. Furthermore, all modern handsets will notice the boost correspondingly. We know this since the total MB size is smaller compared to other software. That means there’s less memory used up and the hardware works more efficiently and effectively. many owners in Japan may have already had an official taste of the new firmware from porting and running custom ROMs instead of waiting for the official build to come out from Samsung. that is fine too, but you should know that installing and flashing OTA updates from carriers will wipe the custom experience away. In addition the root access is gone until you apply it again at a later date.

Furthermore, voice commands work by saying “OK Google” and the phone will ping back the results to answer the question. The SMS and MMS text messages are integrated to Google hangouts, resulting in cheaper rates. contacts are prioritized, Quickoffice is integrated as part of the Google apps, caller ID enhancements, album and movie cover art is automatically used as wallpaper for the lock screen background, photo editor enhancements including additional filters, NFC payments enhancements and more.

Moreover, we know that Sony love to include extra features made specifically for their devices. Things are no different this time either, with the Xperia Z has a new Smart camera app, Sony Walkman updates, DoCoMo mail taking over from sp mode mail, plus lock screen changes and status bar tweaks. We also have new Xperia themes, switching between notifications, a new quick settings tab and extra wallpapers. The file size of this update is 585 MB. Therefore, you should install the software using a stable home WiFi connection or else risk having to perform a factory reset if it cuts out before finishing from the mobile data plan. people will have cheaper rates for the home system too.

Use the USB charging feature by connecting to a power source so that the handset does not shut down before completing the installation. Alternatively, make sure the battery has enough charge to see through the operation.

Navigate to Settings > About phone > System update > Check now and check if the update is ready for you. As usual, the firmware is rolled out in phases which means that subscribers will receive it at different times. The first group will start seeing it arrive as a notification today.