If you are a Sprint subscriber and using the HTC One E8 smartphone you are witnessing a fresh Android 4.4.3 KitKat update rolling over the air. The new build number is 1.22.651.1 and it brings international WiFi calling, GPS Enhancements, ItsOn and a new HD voice icon. The same update is rolling out for the flagship M8 but under a different build number.

Many folks are confusing this update with 4.4.4 since they are already running with 4.4.3 for the last few months. However, you should know that you can get new builds coming in under the same number without it going upwards. These are smaller incremental updates that come in to address certain bugs and add additional features.


We know that Sprint offer unlimited data plans these days so there’ no need to worry about using the mobile data when downloading. Nevertheless, we still recommend using the stable home WiFi and not the mobile data since it gives a stabler connection. When we have loads of traffic all installing the same update at the same time it can create instability. It’s that same unsteadiness that we want to avoid at all costs so we don’t need a factory reset which is susceptible to data loss.

The aforementioned build does not come with the “Eye Experience” even though it is rolling at the same time we are witnessing the Eye features coming to other phone carrier networks on the flagship M8 smartphone.

WiFi calling is the new feature that claims to allow free international calls. in this case Sprint users living in the Virgin islands, Puerto Rico and United States get this service free of charge. However, others are subject to CDMA international calling plans.

All subscribers will notice an automatic system message coming in OTA to the notifications panel alerting them that the update is ready for installation. If you need to put the software on hold and connect at a later date, you can stopover at Settings > About Device > Software Updates and set it up that way.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to report. The file is approximately 300 MB in size. We’ll check back when we have more news on the Eye Experience for Sprint users. View the official support page from this link here.