As a surfer who has visited the North Shore of Hawaii, I first remember seeing some amazingly large waves and some incredibly fit men on the beach ready to tackle those waves. It wasn’t long until I started hearing about survivor stories. As you probably know Christianity and Jesus are popular in the United States and Hawaii is much the same even with a huge body separating it from the mainland of the West Coast, the people are very similar. It then lead me to a time when a local surfer was telling us about his wipe-out and how he saw Jesus before coming back to life. Of course, no matter how bizarre or far-fetched it sounded, it sounded pretty normal to the people surrounding us who have a strong faith in God and Jesus.

As it turns out, seeing Jesus in a near-death experience is more common than I had ever imagined — the latest person to claim it is this Texas teen featured in the video below. The teen was without a heartbeat for 20 minutes and it got so bad that doctors had actually given up trying to revive the boy and they pronounced him dead at the scene.

Astonishingly, the boy then came back to life, but not before he had something amazing to share with us all: he saw Jesus. Yes, the boy, Zack Clements, was face to face with the man himself assuming that he had died and was on his way to heaven. The look on his face in the video below says it all, although there’s a great deal more footage than just a few seconds during the video. Zach goes on to say that Jesus put his hand on his shoulder and told the boy that everything would be OK. Zack assumed this was happening toward the 20-minute mark after he had stopped breathing. Now before you say well it’s all in this boy’s head, you should know that Zack is fine.

Those who have studied how to revive a person will know that not breathing for such a long amount of time is usually catastrophic for the brain and will often result in brain damage. Zack is somehow completely fine.