Whether you watch TMZ or just read the tabloid, you probably already know all about Octo-Mom. She is the lady who somehow managed to have eight kids at once. You can see below how long her real name is. Nadya’s record is the most surviving children from a single birth. That’s interesting because it probably means that another lady has given birth to more than eight kids at once which is fascinating to me. You wouldn’t want to be the husband in that room or you might have a lot of sore joints from being battered by your woman.

The next picture is of the world’s youngest mother. You might see mixed reports about who that award goes to, but I don’t think you’ll find any of those other candidates as young as five (yes five). That would make this lady or girl at the time, the youngest out of them all. The lady pictured as down in the medical books as the youngest in history. Now we don’t even want to know what happened to her that got her in this situation but it happened. Most people have no idea woman this young can ever give birth.

The next picture is of the world’s oldest first-time mother. It reads “after waiting over 40 years”. if you are aging closer to the mid thirty’s and thinking it’s too late to have children don’t let this story scare you away. It’s referring to just the number of years she wanted a kid. She was 70 years old when she had her first baby. Usually, we are told that women find it hard to have babies after 35 and very hard after 40. So, to see this woman at 70 is nothing short of a miracle.

The next record is for the mother with the most kids. Now before you look at the picture and think your Aunt has more kids than that, I must tell you that most of the children did not make the photo! This lady has 69 kids (we don’t know if that number was done on purpose because she loves to get down). Anyway, believe it or not, a lady managed to continually have children pretty much from when she was first able to conceive until she could no longer have kids. Don’t ask me how you can afford to do that but she did. Congratulations to her.

The next image is of the world’s oldest mother of twins. You might remember a few stories above that the oldest lady of a single child was 70 years of age, Well, the same age of 70 is for the oldest set of twins. You could only imagine the pain that old lady must have been in during childbirth. Still, she can be seen here alive and well after the ordeal and with two healthy children in front of her which we can only assume are both her twin kids.

The next image is of the most prolific surrogate mother. Wondering what that means? It means she has delivered babies for another woman who could not have children for themselves. rather than letting science do the work with eggs and what-not, I believe it means she gets down with the man of her choice who the real mother would like to be the father, and then she falls pregnant. This lady managed to give birth to 12 surrogate babies in 13 years. Keep in mind that it takes 9 months to go through an average birth cycle.