By now you all know who Amber Rose is. Apparently, that’s the new chick that James Harden is with now, and back in the old days, it was the chick Kanye West was with. Anyway, she was married to Whiz Khalifa before they went through a nasty breakup.

Here is the couple looking cute together before they split. I don’t know a person who didn’t think they were one of the cutest couples. TMZ reports that things are getting interesting because of the state laws in California and how they relate to divorce and children. Most likely the courts will say that joint custody is what’s best for the child.

The other day Amber was on TMZ, and she publicly made her thoughts clear on the popular news show about how Kim’s younger sister is with her friends baby Mumma. Here;s a direct tweet taken from Amber’s twitter timeline: I wake up everyone morning feeling like my best friend died.

Everyone thinks that Amber is silly for leaving Whiz because it’s him who has the most money. But then again you need to understand that Amber isn’t poor herself. The problem gets harder because they both have a son together. Making matters worse is that they both would like to be granted sole custody of the child. That means the child will get to live full-time with one of the parents. We don’t see that happening, but that’s what the news says is going on.

The next tweet shows us some reason behind why people are yelling. Would you agree? We all know that after looking at Amber’s Twitter timeline that she’s hurting really badly after the split. There’s tweet’s under her name that goes on to say that “the mornings are really hard.”

None of us really know exactly why they broke up in the first place, but it’s not uncommon for people to get divorced when they are high-profile people. If you look at the gossip columns today, you’ll see a rumor that Whiz and Amber may have canceled the divorce plans. However, it’s then met with a question of “is this true” So take that headline with a grain of salt.