Don’t you just love a good old compilation of “when you see it” pictures? What are “when you see it” pictures, you ask? These are photos that hide something funny, weird, awkward, sinister, and scary in the background, that does not seem obvious at first, but when you see it . . . you will react to it, either being scared, surprised or even just laughing out loud. So here we go, here is a compilation of “when you see it” photos! Take a close look, because some pictures are absolutely difficult to catch on, just like this very first photo. Do you see it? Because when you do….

Oh, hello there. What are you doing standing there? Smile for the camera? Perfect. Oh wait, what is this I see? What has been seen, cannot be unseen. So, have you seen it yet? Nobody knows about the legitimacy of this photo. However, there are plenty of photos like this being spread on the net as of late. So we are guessing it’s a Photoshop and pictured image, no matter how convincing it looks. But admit it, the picture is creepy, and when you saw it, you were creeped out. True, isn’t it?

So here’s another picture. Scan through it, scan through it, well look here, what do we have here? Have you spotted it yet? If you do not want spoilers, continue to scan through the picture. If you give up, read on! Okay, so I guess by now, you would have already realized that there is a head peeking through. Only thing is, is that a demonic head looking through your soul, or is it just another camera angle trick, which makes the head of the staircase shine and looks like they are a pair of demonic eyes? You be the judge.

Well, nothing is more heartwarming than looking at family pictures. But that is not why you are here now, aren’t you? We are here for more “when you see it” photos! So what is wrong with this picture? Whoaa Whoaaaa Whoaaaa wait a minute. I see something. I see something. Have you seen it yet? This one is pretty obvious, so look for it yourself! Nothing much to say here. The photo is pictured, but STILL. Those eyes. They just stare straight into your soul.

Okay… A bride and a groom on their knees. What a moment. Such an important moment in their lives. Vowing to stay together forever, binding their love forever and ever. This is so beautiful. Such a nice wedding. Wait, wait. Look closer. Look closer. Look closer and tell me you just saw what I saw. Tell me you just caught what I caught! So…. Should we do something? Wait…. Maybe it is just a prank by his friends. Well, maybe. We will never know the truth. Good luck, buddy.

This has been said over and over and over and over again, to the point that it is getting boring to remind you, to ALWAYS LOOK FOR REFLECTIONS ON BACKGROUNDS when you are taking a photo! Oh wait, I just spoiled it, didn’t I? Well, it looked all fine, it is just a half-body shot. Looks professional, but oh hey, someone decides to subliminally moon us! Thank you, thank you so much for gracing us with the presence of your awkwardness in the background of this picture!

Okay, when you know it is a “When You See It” photo, you already know to immediately scan the backgrounds for anything weird. But I did just that, and now I kind of feel like I should have not. Because this photo genuinely scared me. What the heck is that? Seriously, what on earth is that thing at the back? And it looks like it is going to pounce on the happy little girl! Help the girl! Oh, that poor little birthday girl. I hope she does not see this photo and gets scarred for life!

Okay, so I am just going to let you sit down and enjoy this one. Scan real slow. Take a look at the picture and see what is wrong with it. What is out of place? What is weird? What is where it should not be? Well, I am not going to spoil this for you. Go ahead, keep looking, and keep looking. Found it yet? No? Look harder. Harder. Don’t stop looking. You will eventually find it. Give up? Well, here’s a clue. Cat.

Okay, so here is the last picture. Now look at it carefully, and try to find what is wrong with this picture. What is weird, or out of place? What stands out? Do you see anything weird at the back? No? At the front? No? The books, maybe? No? Well, I am in a generous mood today, so here’s another clue: cat.