The Internet is mainly used to share information, files across the world. People share files either by Email or by uploading to File Sharing websites. Email allows file size up to 25MB, so you can’t share large files. We Transfer is a site where you can easily share large files up to 2GB with your friends, family, etc. It provides SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environment while sharing files, so no worry about the file theft. The interface given by the site is easy to use and simple and loads very fast.

To share files using WeTransfer, follow the steps given below:

How To Share Large Files On Internet With WeTransfer

Visit the website, and you will immediately be presented with the same screenshot as you can see below where you need to click on the “I agree” button top proceed with the service.

Note that the reason you are clicking the agree button is to agree to the terms of service and use of the website. You can see that written directly above the button. Additionally, it is asking for you to agree to the cookie policy. A web cookie is a tracker in your browser often associated with websites that display advertisements. A cookie is popular for an ad network because it allows them to target advertise and thus make more money plus give the viewer (you) a better-suited advertisement that is not irrelevant.

On the very next page, you get to add your file by clicking on the blue “+” button.

You also need to fill out the details of the recipient email and your email. It also gives you the option to include a message to the person whom you are sending the file if you want to add a message, but you don’t have to do that.

When your file is loaded, the “Transfer” button becomes available for you to click. Clicking that button begins the transfer to the recipient.

After the process finishes, your friend will receive an email containing the download link. He has to open the email which has the download link, after that, click on that link. The link will take him to the download page of the file which you have uploaded. From there, he can easily download the file.

The same website also gives a “WeTransfer Plus” service that allows users to get more out of WeTransfer services. Most notably, larger file sizes that enable you to send up to 20 GB files at a time. Even though the WeTransfer service is known as the larger file service to use when you want to send larger files, the free version does not let you send anything close to 20 GB’s which is a huge file for most things that are not heavily graphical.

The WeTransfer website also gives you the chance to install it on your Mac computer as an app, so you always have it there available for you to use without having to open your web browser and having to send a new file like you did in the guide above.

If you don’t think it’s a problem having to visit the website from your computer, you might be interested installing the WeTransfer application on your mobile device because nobody enjoys visiting web browsers to have to type from websites as much from mobile devices in comparisons to computers.  There is an application available for both iOS and Android mobile users.

That is everything you need to share larger files on the internet by using the WeTransfer website and app services. Do share your opinions about this file sharing service and share which file sharing service are you using. If you are a bit confused about the features image used in this post, that is because you might not see the same image when you visit the website. They change the background of the site each time you reload the page as a way to keep things exciting and fresh. The picture shown in this guide is the image that was available in the background upon our visit.