Wishing you all a warm welcome to MobiCuppa 3.0. Today we have introduced a new look to the website that I personally like very much and I hope all of you do too. The idea is to give our readers a better experience compared to what they previously had. In addition to this, giving us something to be proud of. We feel this is a step above the last design.

This is the third look we have brought in since being a web blog. Even though the first two designs were made from the same framework, they offered a unique look that if you didn’t know websites you wouldn’t have known it was from the same framework. This one here is a completely new codebase and more up to date because it supports the HTML 5 markup. That, among other reasons, makes it faster to browse and speed is a real point of emphasis for me. When people want news they want it quickly and that’s why I value it so highly.

Although I like to always fiddle and change little things here and there, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if it weren’t for my developer friend, Ibad’s help. He is the brains behind every new version that you look at so I want to thank him very much.

The problem with web design these days, and running a mobile-based blog in particular, is trying to get the design to make sense for the readers and us when it comes to advertising across all devices from smartphone, phablets, tablets and traditional desktop computers. This new design will adjust automatically to suit whatever device you are viewing from so when you check it out from different devices it will look the same instead of entirely different.

Navigation is comfortable. At the top of the page is the categories. We still have the same amount of categories, but we have included extra drop down categories for the Android section. If you hover the cursor over Android you will find the others inside such as Android Firmware and so on. Right now the menu is also at the top of the website, however, it may change to the bottom footer area if I can.

You will notice less advertising on this design. I personally love banner ads, but I know most of the world does not. For that reason, I am trying to limit the usage and just position them more smartly in efficient locations rather than having a lot of them. There is something that rubs people the wrong way when it comes to internet banners and there is nothing I can do it help that. Hopefully, the advertising industry grows more in the near future to give people banners more suited to their needs so they aren’t looked at as being a nuisance. Again, I have no issue with the current standard. I along with most of the web, only display trusted banners that do not carry any malicious virus or any malware along with them. I like to look at them on websites because they offer some graphical content. Without them, I see the web as boring. However, I have learned that this is not about me, it is about the readers and keeping you happy to I am limiting the ads!