Ever wondered what happens when the class clown finally becomes a Dad? Ever wondered if his mischievous ways disappear or whether they continue? Here’s one example of what might be happening. The good news for us is that it’s quite funny.

Dare I say that it’s funnier in a picture than it is in real life? I can only imagine that little girl not getting very far when it comes to pushing all of those items, including her father. Well, at least I’m assuming it’s her father.

I know what you might be thinking, but don’t worry, it’s not a plastic bag. Instead, it’s probably more like one of those masks beekeepers were, or masks some people wear to keep the flies away. With that being said, it’s still a rather dubious strategy for inside a Walmart store. I think the girls walking past her has picked the opportunistic time to take a swig of their drink to mask the smiles.

So your girlfriend is a little chubby; a little overweight. That’s cool, nothing to be assumed of. Wait, I must have been looking at the wrong picture. On second thought, this guy certainly isn’t assumed. These two get along so well that apparently, it’s normal to walk around with a hand not only on the backside but also down the back of the pants. I can’t say I’ve seen that one before.

Most times when you see homeless people you think about how sad it is and if there’s anything you can do to help. or, arguably before that, you think about how lucky you are not to be in their situation. Seldom is there a time when a homeless person and you share a laugh, a smile, or crack a joke? And then there are the times when you come across folk with signs like these. In all fairness, we are only assuming they are potentially homeless and nothing is stopping a family from picking up a sign that has a perfectly good life. However, I think it’s safe to say that they aren’t Donald Trump’s next-door neighbors.

Unless you are too young to have any history lessons in school yet, you’d probably know the funny side when I say this guy looks like Abraham Lincoln. There is only one guy in American history I’m aware of who would rock a hat like that and funnily enough it wasn’t even last century that he did. I think it was more like two centuries ago going by memory. I’m not American myself so I could be wrong. Anyway, we know good old Abe was around a fairly long time ago, and rocking a hat like that today isn’t something we recommend doing — even if you are walking through your local Walmart aisle.

You all know about police cars already. What two companies or organizations do you know that drive blue cars? Facebook and the police. That’s right. What happens to old police vehicles after they have done too many miles and are no longer considered reliable enough for the force to use? They get sold in auctions and people buy them cheaply. Because nobody in America wants to be seen in a police car you then need to get creative with your ideas. I think the Facebook car suits this guy’s ride perfectly. What do you think?

What would a Walmart post be without a high-quality Doppelganger? Yes, we threw this one in just for kicks to make sure you are still paying attention. He does strut his stuff when he walks, doesn’t he? Not to go against Mr president or anything, but I watched a really interesting documentary the other day when Obama was a young boy — he wasn’t anywhere near as cool back then just quietly. Interestingly, his parents aren’t both black either and he grows up in Indonesia. No wonder he doesn’t mind a sinking economy.

You have to feel sorry for old people, and if you are gaining traction towards the age of thirty, you probably are now aware of how close you are to eventually be like this — if you should be lucky enough to live that long. Yes, life is short and for these folks taking a hard-earned rest in the local Walmart probably isn’t all that funny considering their ages, although if I were walking past that with my brother or friend we would nearly pee our pants without a second thought.

If you don’t manage to find something funny inside a Walmart shopping center then you aren’t looking hard enough. Either that or you need to take a trip to your other Walmart up the road. If you still struggle to find anything worthwhile then you need to hit up the car parks. There you’ll find some magical rides like the Facebook car we showed you earlier and this redneck Machine. God bless. It looks a bit like the Griswald’s gone bad.

When I was watching Dead Mouse drive a Ferrari around the streets of Canada the other week thanks to a nice YouTube video. I wasn’t all that surprised to find the Mayor of Canada in the passenger seat. Keep in mind this wasn’t long after we heard the news of a cocaine spree for the Mayor. Furthermore, if you look at Dead Mouse’s eyes, you’ll see he obviously doesn’t mind using (something) himself — and probably ecstasy as most good DJs always do. Do you think a guy who makes millions of dollars from music isn’t going pot to try a drug that enhances the experience of music? Of course not! They definitely would and once you start you’ll no doubt find it very hard to stop when you are a DJ living that lifestyle.

Anyway, here’s Rob Ford doing his shopping inside Walmart and giving a fan a nice friendly photo opportunity. He’s Good a man.