Due to needing to decrease expenses during this global recession, we have had to remove Vivo firmware files from our servers.

There are several ways you can try to download the Vivo Y55S stock ROM when we no longer host it. You can try downloading from our competitors. We don’t know any of our competitors, thus we cannot recommend any domains that can be trusted. Another way you can download Vivo firmware is directly from the Vivo manufacturer itself. And lastly, you may find free Vivo firmware update tools that can download the Vivo Y55S stock ROM directly from Vivo’s servers for you.

Not all manufacturers have free firmware download tools developed for them. These tools are developed on XDA-Developers and GitHub by common developers unaffiliated with the manufacturer. You can try opening a thread on XDA and see if any Vivo developers are aware of any tools capable of downloading firmware directly from Vivo.

Sorry for the inconvenience.