Viber is a smartphone application developed by Viber Media in 2010. This cross-platform instant texting VOIP program can work on various mobile phone platforms like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Phone. Viber for PC Free Download Available from different sites now shows that it can be used on PC platform as well.

Interesting Features of Viber

Free texting: This free application will let you send free text messages, photographs, video messages and share location details with your friends. With Viber, texting will be more fun as you will be able to use stickers and emoticons.

Free calls: You will be able to make calls to your friends over the internet with HD sound clarity.

Push notifications: Viber has a built-in push notification system that will never let you miss any texts or calls on Viber

OS integration: This feature lets you share images and videos right from your phone’s gallery. This can save a lot of your time when you are sharing images and videos with your friends.

Free Application: Viber is a free application that is free from advertisements, much to the users’ relief.

If you would like to get the fun of using the application on your PC too, then read on.

How to get Viber for PC Free Download Available online

Since Viber is a mobile phone application, installing it directly to your computer is not possible, and you need a program called emulator to make the application run on your PC. There are many emulator programs that you can get hold of free online, but we will use BlueStacks. The application is available free online from their website. You can go their website and download the same to your computer right away. Install the application after the download and a desktop shortcut will be created for BlueStacks on your computer.

How to get Viber through BlueStacks

Make sure that your internet connection is turned on. Open the BlueStacks from the desktop, and you will be able to see a search box on the application. As you need Viber for your PC, type “Viber for PC Free Download Available” to the search box. BlueStacks will search online for “Viber for PC Free Download Available” and install the same to your computer. Once the installation process in completed, you will be able to see a pop-up message says that the installation process was successful. A Viber icon will be created on the application menu of BlueStacks and play from the application menu.

How to get Viber through Play Stores

Download the Viber apk file from Google Play Store. Once the apk file is downloaded from the play store, open it with the BlueStacks application. BlueStacks application will run the setup file and install Viber on your PC. Once the installation process is over, you will get a prompt on your computer that the installation process was completed. A Viber icon will be created in the emulator application menu. You can open the program from there to use it on your PC.

Getting Viber for PC Free Download Available from trusted websites will help the users to enjoy the application to its core.

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