Android games have become very popular in today’s smartphone-dominated the world. Mobile phone games have changed the way the world looked at mobile platform games. Among such popular Android games is Vector, which is a running game. It is very much different from other popular running games like Subway Surfers or Temple Run. Vector is a 2D game with stunning graphics that will lure you to playing the game repeatedly. The number of people using vector on PC has increased recently. Now if you would like Vector for PC Free Download and play the game on your PC, we will tell you how.

Before trying to get Vector for PC Free Download, it is important that you understand that Vector is developed to be played on various mobile phone platforms and not on any PC. However, no need to worry, we will tell you how.

Here are the two different methods that will help you get Vector for PC Free Download and installed on your PC.

Vector for PC Free Download Using Emulator

As you know, Vector is an android game and it does not run on your PC. The emulator is a program that will help the Android game to run on your PC. Of the many emulator programs, BlueStacks is the best. It is available on their site for free download. You can download and install the application on your PC right away

Install Vector for PC through BlueStacks: You need an active internet connection to do this. You can open the application from the desktop icon. You will be able to see a search bar on the application. You can type “Vector for PC Free Download” to the search bar and carry out the search. That will download and install Vector on your PC. After the installation process, you can see the Vector icon on the application menu of the emulator software, and you can open the same to play the game on your PC.

Vector for PC Free Download using the apk file

This method requires the apk file of the vector, and you need to download the same from the Google Play Store. Once you have apk file on your computer, now you can start the installation process.

Follow these instructions

1. Right Click on the Vector apk file and open with the emulation BlueStacks

2. Check the box that shows the option ““ Always use the selected program to open this file kind of file.” That will set BlueStacks as the default
program to open all the android application on your PC.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions that you see on your PC.

4. You will get the pop-up message once the installation process in complete.

5. You might need to restart your PC after the installation is complete.

6. Now, you can open the emulator software from your computer desktop, and you will be able to see Vector icon on the application menu of the emulation.

You can play Vector from there on your PC. Vector for PC Free Download will promise you to get the user experience just like on your cell phone.

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