Webcams are used to make video calls over the Internet. First, there were only voice calls possible, now the video calls are possible with webcams. Numerous companies are selling Webcams, from low price range to high price range. It all depends on the quality of the webcam. Since the launch of the webcams, people thought if they could make video calls using their mobile camera by connecting it to their PC. To accomplish such a thought, you can find software available for the Nokia mobile users. Let’s see how it works.

EpocCam Pro – Convert Your Mobile Into A Webcam

EpocCam Pro is a utility made for the Nokia mobile users, limited to some phone models. It lets you convert your camera mobile phone into a fully-featured webcam. Say you have a nice Mobile with good video capture quality (HD Quality), then you can use that as a webcam by using this software. EpocCam Pro comes with two files, one for the mobile and the second one for the PC. When you install both of the files in the appropriate device, then it starts working instantly. Just connect your mobile to the PC by data cable and the EpocCam Pro will recognize the mobile as the Webcam, thus allowing you to make video calls over the Internet. You can use EpocCam Pro webcam with Skype and other similar video calling services. It’s nice to have this facility to use your Mobile as a PC webcam rather than buying an expensive webcam. If your mobile can do this, then why to go for a webcam?

Download: EpocCam Pro from Ovi Store

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