Apple iPhone isn’t a strange word for anyone. Apple iPhone is a world-class smartphone with millions of its users. Apple iPhone has a large number of Features, Apps, Games and other tools. Everyone has a dream to have an iPhone in their hands.

But, before buying the real Apple iPhone, you can test it online. There is some iPhone Simulator site exists where you can use the Apple iPhone in your web browser to explore its features. These sites give you access to use the iPhone web browser to browse sites on an iPhone, without really having it. Here’s how you can use these sites.

How to Use iPhone Simulator

It’s very easy to use the iPhone simulator as because it works in your web browser. You don’t need any special software to run it. Just Go to any of the below Simulator websites and start exploring the iPhone, just like it’s in your hands.

These both sites will let you use the iPhone. On these sites, you will see an iPhone model. Just click on the address bar of the iPhone and enter any site name, it will load on the iPhone screen. You can check how your site looks on the iPhone with this tool. You can also rotate the iPhone. TestiPhone site provides some specialized apps to be used in the iPhone simulator, including Hangman, OneTrip, iPhlickr. It’s cool to test these sites to use the iPhone.

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