The quest for the best custom recovery for an HTC Desire Eye is finished. Let me introduce you with the very new CWM (ClockworkMod) custom recovery. What! You want a custom recovery with touch screen feature? Okay I will full fill this wish with no extra cost, this version of CWM custom recovery has a touch screen feature with which you can use this recovery very easily. However, TWRP recovery has a touch screen feature before CWM but this custom recovery is the most compatible recovery ever built for Android smartphones. Today I teach you a way with which you can install this custom recovery on your phone using your PC.

Today everybody needs an Android device and some of them already using one. But some of us are advanced users of Android smartphones get don’t just install apps and play games on their phones, they do even more like rooting them, customizing them or install custom ROMs on them. And to do this you all need to install a custom recovery on that because you can’t do all this with the stock recovery. If you are reading this word for the first time, then let me tell you that recovery is a hidden mode provided by the manufacturer inside your phone with which you can do some unofficial task with your device. You can root your device, install custom kernels or custom ROMs. You can say that recovery is the control center of Android devices.

HTC Desire Eye

First let me clear one thing: if you install this recovery on your HTC Desire Eye phone, then your same phone’s warranty will get void, which means you can’t have any assistance for your phone in the future without any charge. If your phone already exceeds its time limit, then don’t worry, it will not damage your phone in and way, just install it correctly and have some new features on your phone.

Now coming back to the point of installing this recovery on your phone, you need to do some preparations on your device before coming to installing guide. Your HTC device should have its boot loader unlocked, if you haven’t done this till now then go here else come with me. As we are going to alter system files from your device then you should enable USB debugging on your phone, if you don’t know how to then go to Settings > About Phone > tap on build number 7 times (yeah it feels weird, but that’s how it’s done). Now come back to Settings > Developer Options > check the USB debugging option.

Some precautions you have to take before installing this recovery on your HTC desire eye:

  • You should backup all of your important data before installing this recovery on our phone, this will keep your data safe.
  • Also backup your contacts so they also stay safe, you can sync them to your Google account or export them to your phone’s SD card by going to contacts > open menu > import/export > import to SD card, now select the path and tap on OK to save.
  • You should charge your phone with sufficient battery so it won’t go off during the installation process or your phone will get bricked.
  • This recovery installation process and recovery file is only for HTC Desire Eye variants except AT&T version, do not install it on AT&T version of Desire Eye or it will damage your phone.
  • Also, do not install it on any other android variant or it will damage your phone seriously.

Steps to install the Touch enabled CWM recovery on HTC desire eye

  1. First you have to download the adb package and extract it on the desktop.
  2. Now download the recovery image file and rename it to recovery.img.
  3. Now move the recovery.img to the extracted adb folder.
  4. Now open that folder and right-click on the empty blank space inside the folder and select ” open command windows here”.
  5. Connect your phone to your PC using USB cable.
  6. On command window, type this command “adb reboot bootloader” and press return key, this will reboot your phone to boot loader.
  7. After that is complete, type this command in command window: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”
  8. Wait until your phone gets installed with the new recovery.
  9. Now type this command after installation of recovery
  10. fastboot reboot
  11. This will reboot your phone to OS mode.

Your phone has the new CWM custom recovery installed with touch support. If you have any query about this installation process, then you can post them in the comment section below, I will be happy to help you.

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