The iPhone is a beautiful creation of the Apple Inc, packed with iOS supporting over thousands of Apps, Games. Here, I have collected Top 10 Best iPhone Games; you will surely like them. After each game, there’s a download link which you can use to get it from the iTunes store.

Top 10 Best iPhone Games:

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the most popular game nowadays. It is available on almost all the platforms including iPhone (iOS), Symbian, etc. This game is available in the iTunes store at the cost of $0.99. But for this excellent game, one shouldn’t look at this low price. Download and start taking the revenge against the pigs!

Fruit Ninja HD

Be a ninja and slice up all the fruits. The game is based on the Ninja style allowing the player to slice the fruits into pieces. It is a magnificent game for your faster finger practices on the iPhone. The game costs $2.99 and is available in the iTunes store.

Rollercoaster Extreme

The real excitement of the Rollercoaster has reached the iPhone store, letting you feel the original Rollercoaster Ride along with many tricks. With the multiplayer support, you can challenge your friends to beat you in the all eight tracks of this game. Get it from the iTunes store!

Brothers in Arms 2

An Action-Adventure game with lots of thrilling actions. Taking enemies down with guns, flying in the airplanes to destroy the enemies hiding places. The effects throw an exciting feeling in the game.

Assassin’s Creed

Falling in the mystery of an assassin, the Assassin’s Creed game has already hit the PC platform and now going to hit the iPhone. With the roaming facility, the player gets more freedom while playing the game and solving the missions. Use the given powers to defeat the enemies and to get access to the next level.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

How can we forget Spiderman when we talk about Adventure? The Spiderman Total Mayhem for iPhone gives you the spiderman powers on your fingertips, just touch and have fun in the game. The game is great, and I love to play this game, because of the fantastic powers Spiderman having.

GT Racing Motor Academy

When it comes to racing, the game GT Racing comes in mind. With many tracks and cars, the game has always been a choice of the racers. While playing the game, you can feel the horripilation of the car driving. Steering-view of the game is superb; I like it.

How to Train your Dragon

Descended from the movie How to Train your Dragon, the game continues to teach you skills of training the dragon. Calibrate with your fingertips, Teach your dragon new skills and everything’s fun.

Galaxy on Fire 3D

Putting Galaxy in the fire, just throw down the things coming on the path and follow the maps. Your position will be listed on the map allowing you to find yourself in the game. Buy Weapons from the in-game store and apply them to the action.

City of Wonder

Create the city of your imagination, take advantage of technology and make your town, a wonderful city. You can design your city with whatever things you want.

These Top 10 Best iPhone Games will surely let you enjoy the iPhone gaming experience at its best. If you think that an individual game should be included in the list, then comment its name below.