While you might think the entire world hates the Kardashians by looking at social media comments on Facebook or due to general word-of-mouth gossip, the statistics suggest many of those haters are secretly watching Kim and her family behind closed doors. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of the most popular shows on television and is not close to being in danger of getting the ax.

Shahira Barry decided she was due for a career change and decided to pack up the school books from being a full-time teacher and move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. She has the looks to probably do that. Shahira has already landed roles in one of many people’s favorite shows, True Detective, music videos, a Subway advertisement (thank goodness she’s not 15), and is now serving as Kim Kardashian’s body double soon to be featured on her next season Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.

You might not already know that Keeping Up With The Kardashians uses body doubles. Not too dissimilar to a stunt double, a body double is used during TV shows when the real body (Kim Kardashian) can’t be in the shot. We don’t exactly know what that means yet until we see it, but now that we have inside information on who that body double is, we will likely catch it with our eyes when the new season goes to air.

There might be some times when the camera goes to the streets of L.A. and Kim doesn’t want to be in the shot. There might be times when the family is at home and they are doing a scene, but Kim can’t get to the house in time, so they put the body double in the shot (perhaps facing the wrong way) to look like Kim.

She even looks pretty in pink. Shahira Barry has her own Wikipedia page where it says she is a 24-year-old Irish model. She’s pretty well known and was approached by Hugh Hefner to appear in you know what magazine. To put that into perspective, Hugh is such a western world icon that even spell check picks up if you type the word ‘Hefner’ wrong.

Here she is appearing in the hit music video Uptown Funk with Snoop Dog — we told you that she’d been in music videos! You just didn’t believe us. In case you didn’t already know, Uptown Funk is sung by Mark Ronson and features none other than Bruno Mars.

You can see Shahira Barry’s pictures on the far left of this shot. Who knows what Snoop dog is pretending to do with her hands?

We don’t know what Maschino means, but it makes for a nice belt. Can you believe this stunner from Ireland was once a teacher? I mean, can you imagine her teaching your class? We can only assume the boys didn’t get much work or learning done in that class apart from how to drool unconditionally.

In very LA style, here is Shahira Barry posing in front of a wall full of graffiti — something they consider to be art over that side of the world we think.  Just don’t go spraying your bedroom walls that color, though or it might be a bit much.

The only picture we haven’t included in this post is her role in the Subway commercial. There isn’t anything Subway related in the photo of her, but she’s wearing a pink top and it’s a close-up of her face. If you see that picture around the internet, you now know what it’s for.

As for the picture below, this is the picture taken from her work the Kim Kardashian body double.

Here she is again playing the part of Kim Kardashian. These pictures aren’t necessarily the exact shots you will see live on episodes; however, we are sure that you are seeing her in the same clothes that you can expect to see during the show. The only question is what episodes will she appear in? We know for sure that it’s the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians soon to air since it’s been off the air for a while now.