In case you didn’t already know, what goes around comes around not only in life but also in fashion. We constantly get similar styles a few decades after they surfaced last time. You’ll never see the ’90s being cool in the 2,000s, but what about around 2015? Sure, why not. It’s nearly due to come back in. According to recent reports, the hairstyles are what is coming back in from the 90s before anything else — and that’s a great thing if you are short on time in the morning and don’t like spending a significant amount of time on your face.

The ’80s were all about awesome movies with original plots with shoes with giant tongues, mullets, curly hair, and happy pants. The ’90s were considered to be a lot more modern with people now wearing pants that covered the shoes instead of being around the ankles. However, arguably the greatest thing about the ’90s was the hairstyles. You might remember it was the days when the undercut was cool for a boy and well, for girls. Nothing but a simple part down one side, a few streaks of the comb through the hair, and off to school. Anyway, take a look at some of the celebrities also indulging in the 90’s style.

The one thing about the 90s is that it tends to be a lot more timeless a decade than the other periods. For example, if you were to take a look at 780’s style you would laugh and say oh my goodness. A similar situation if you look into the 80s. However, the ’90s aren’t that bad. You can look at them and think it’s not too bad at all. Maybe it’s because we are closer to the ’90s now and the ’90s will start looking a stranger in another 10 or so years. You might have noticed the chick from Twilight and Jessica Alba above who are looking as pretty as ever. The same could be said for this chick who will have to remain nameless, because, well, we have o idea who she is.

I’m assuming the middle part is what we are more familiar with today, and this hairstyle is showing that. The arrow is showing all you need to do to flip it back over to the 90’s again by partying it over to the side. In fairness, I was around in the 90s, and my father made me shift my part over to the side which then made me walk to school looking like I wanted to box Mike Tyson. However, for the girls, it was a different story. I’m not sure why I didn’t notice, but perhaps if I did see the women also parting it on the side, I would’ve felt more comfortable.

Here is the after-shot of what it’s like after she transfers a part from the middle over to the side. Not exactly rocket science is it? I don’t think I would notice any difference if I worked with her and she did this to her hair overnight. Let that be a message for all of you girls reading this! Give it a try tomorrow and see what your work colleagues say. Then leave a comment and tell us if they noticed any difference or not.

Now all you need to apply some of the finishing touches is whip out the good old hairspray and finish her off. You can see we’ve left off the brand name here because that doesn’t matter. It’s only a single part — of the worst can can’t hold this baby, then we are in trouble.

If my recent TMZ knowledge serves me correctly, here we have the lovely Selena Gomez looking fabulous as she always does on the red carpet. I still think she looks pretty good in awkward-fitting bikini bathers too, unlike Harvey Levin and the TMZ crew the other week. Anyway, the moral of the story is the unknown model used in this article has made her hair look exactly like Selena did on this day during the red carpet walk. If stars are walking the rep carpet with just a simple side part, then I think that we can walk down a stock carpet with the same.