The myth whether werewolves exist is still a myth even after centuries. This enormously dangerous shape-shifting creature hungers for raw meat, and has been used many times in horror movies. Now a medical condition may in fact explain the werewolf.

1. Wolf fact

A famous physician and surgeon, Galen of Pergamon who existed in the second century did diagnose somebody being a werewolf. The person is stated to have suffered from a psychiatric syndrome, which is very rare called “Clinical Lycanthropy.” The disease makes people believe that they can change forms and transform themselves into any creature that is not a human. The name it got came from the mythical world’s word lycanthropy which is the process of a man shifting its shape to a wolf. His patient too was having the bizarre belief that he has or could change himself into a wolf.

2. Widespread

In the folk stories of Europe, werewolves are found a lot, but the legend is widespread throughout the world. No other shape-shifter mythical creature could gain so much popularity but the creature in question. People say that the legendary myth started at Greek times. Now leaving that behind what’s extraordinary is that every culture has its stories about the creature. Every other country would have something to tell you about the creature, as it has had some link to the creature at some point in history.

3. Immune to weaponry

No matter what you hit a monster, no weapon would cause any harm to the beast. Until it’s a silver bullet, or an object made out of silver perhaps. That is all we know according to the legends of all time. So if you ever come in contact with one try a silver bullet rather than a normal one. This is to be kept in mind if you have a firm belief in the existence of such a creature. You might be one of those in the United States who in the year 1999 got insurance policies just in case they turned into werewolves themselves. But many full moon nights came and went by, and none got claimed.

4. Wolf attack

A wolf attacking and biting you is what is said to make you turn into a werewolf. Not many wolf attacks have ever been reported, though. One that is on the record is an Indian village situated in Uttar Pradesh. The report was about a pack of wolves that kept on attacking their village, and the people doubted them to be werewolves. Every time the Wolves entered the village they were sure to eat a few children, and children are what they seemed to want.

5. Physical traits

If we look at the folktales from Europe, we can learn a lot about what a monster would look like even in human form. So we now are going to tell you about a few things werewolves have in them. We are doing this to help you spot a monster if you ever have one shifted in your neighborhood. Even in the human form, some traits will help you find out if or not the doubted person is a werewolf. The werewolves are always thirsty, waxing does not assist them, they have bizarre sleeping habits, extraordinary strength is what they possess, and have temper issues. The time when they are still human in your face is perhaps the best time for you to find out their reality.

6. Region Specific

Even though we are discussing the same creature here, the reported characteristics of what a werewolf looks like in real life have not been the same. The reported characteristics change from time to time. Some features remained the same though such as that a werewolf’s size is always reported to be larger than a regular wolf, its eyes are always that of a human’s, it walks on its hind legs, and not to be forgotten it can talk in a human voice.

7. Ways you might become a werewolf

The procedures by which you are expected to turn into a werewolf are quite a. From as comfortable as wearing a belt made out of wolf’s skin to being bitten by a wolf or an actual werewolf. This might be inherited from your forefathers and might run into the family, or a gypsy might have cursed someone to become a werewolf. If you accidentally drink from a beast’s footprint, you might transform into a werewolf yourself.

8. Beast of Gevaudan

1764 and 1769 are the years in which an animal had gotten very famous and is still known by the name of the Gevaudan beast or monster. The province is situated in South-Central France. This place had been in terror because of a monster that scared the people. This monster looked like a huge wolf, and people still think that it was a werewolf. According to records, 200 people were attacked by this so-called monster, and none had been spared harm. 100 got killed and eaten and the other 100 were damaged severely.

9. The cure

If you get bitten or whatever or somebody you love is showing signs of becoming a werewolf, you need to worry not as the cure is available. It is not hard to reverse the process of becoming a werewolf, whether using science or different traditional ways. Using Aconitum, a hard-to-find flower plant, according to medical professionals, a werewolf can be turned back into a human. But if you want to do it the hard way, which obviously would be more adventurous you would have to pierce both the creature’s hands with nails mercilessly.

10. Werewoman

Werewolves started to become the cool creatures everybody wanted to spot in their neighborhood and when some could not they made up new creatures. In Asia, the “Weretigers” were found, in the areas of South America, the “Werepumas” could be seen, and in Africa, the “Werehyenas” was scaring people away. Just like these women started getting famous in Armenia. The people started believing that if a woman would commit an incredibly horrid sin, she should be turned into a werewolf and spend the next seven years of her life in that form. A feminist call, why should only males get to be werewolves anyhow?

11. How did the tales spread throughout the world anyhow?

According to most people, the stories spread from West to East and from Europe basically in the 16th century. People started getting to know of this mythical creature, and of any notion that it might exist. It was basically due to the time Europe made colonies throughout the globe and became the largest nation ever. The area it covered was so much that the sun never set on this nation. With literature and people traveling everywhere the stories went with them, and everybody got to know of werewolves.