We all know at least someone who has lost a decent amount of weight and we congratulate them for it, but would you believe that there is a guy out there in the USA who managed to lose 425 Pounds in just two years?

It’s not hard to understand how it all went wrong: consuming pizza, take out of just about every kind, soft drinks with loads of sugar, Ice-Cream, and chocolate bars. The part that you might not yet know is how it all started going right.

Many people these days are getting surgery to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with going in that direction. The surgeon will let you know that you have about the same chance of drying on the operating table as you do of giving birth to a child with down syndrome. For those who are wondering, that means a roughly 1 in 400 chance. I remember this because we discussed how that number when you see it on paper sounds like quite a high chance but then when you think about 400 people you start to realize that is it probably pretty unlikely.

Anyway, according to the reports on this man, he didn’t have any surgery which makes it all the more difficult. Having surgery comes with its downsides which include feeling sick after you eat anything and having to adjust mentally to only eating a fraction of what you would normally eat. Still, there is no blood sweat, and tears involved like there is with the excise involved with losing 425 pounds all by yourself through nothing but gym work.

Anyone who says they lost all of their weight through just gym is lying. Just like anyone who says they lost all their weight through eating right is lying. It takes a combination of the two to lose a great deal of weight. Sure, you can lose some weight doing either of the two, but not hundreds of pounds like this man.

If you would believe it, the guy in the picture on the left is the same guy as the picture on the right. Sure, he’s still rather large on the right side of the screen, but not close to the guy we can see on the left.

One thing about large women is that they cannot hide their weight as well as boys due to chortling options that aren’t the same. For instance, the guy above you can tell is huge and probably a great deal larger than this girl ever was, but you cannot see any of his fat. You can just see the size of the body around the T-Shirt. It’s quite common for a large female to wear tight clothes because it’s something they can feel comfortable in. However, those tight clothes are probably the least of what they should be wearing if they are trying to appear thin because you can visibly start seeing the rolls under the tops.

Here’s one giant change in a person: the picture on the far left is the girl with all the weight on and as you keep looking at the pictures on the right, she is getting thinner and thinner. It’s always good seeing a girl not going too far with weight loss. I’ve seen some people get so obsessed with losing weight that they get far too skinny and all of a sudden are a great deal skinnier than myself. Not only does it makes me jealous but they don’t look healthy and when they ask if they look good I have to try to lie and say yes they look great.