The example of this description where we found it was “have you ever seen an ad for a burger that looks nothing like the burger at all.” While that is pretty funny, we have a better burger ad picture coming up so we’ll need to think of another example.

If you think that this girl is so deep in conversation that she doesn’t know what she is doing think again. Women are very good at doing this. They know exactly what they are doing with their bodies and she probably has spent several hours perfecting it in the mirror. I couldn’t think of another example so I told you the truth instead.

Nothing — and I mean nothing — is more annoying than when you pick up a cookie that looks nice and it ends up being a raisin cookie. Who the hell likes those raisin cookies anyway? This is a quality meme. The raisin cookies are so bad that even when I don’t have a raisin cookie they have scared me mentally for life so I cannot even enjoy a normal cookie at the same level as I once did.

Have you ever been around a woman who you thought was so attractive that she made you nervous and self-conscious and all you ever did while around her was try to look your best so that maybe, just maybe, she would somehow like you? Well, those cases are closer to reality than you might be thinking — especially if she is wearing a great deal of makeup and looks similar to this underneath! Maybe she isn’t out of your league after all.

If you were thinking that black women didn’t have the same makeup tricks up their sleeves as white women you’d be wrong. Black-skinned chicks need to use that makeup nearly just as much as white chicks by the look of this picture.

This next picture is a great example of what you need to look out for in the modern-day shopping trolley. Check out the Calcium percentage on this label. If you cannot see the small print, it says 0%. So basically instead of saying this contains no calcium or not writing calcium, they have included calcium in the label and just given it a 0%. Very strange indeed.

Dick Smith is a popular electronics store in Australia. We all know how popular mobile phones are around the world in the last few years. Well, Dick Smith tries his best to sell you something that is never the top of the range but still apparently useful. Takes this $129 phone that doesn’t even have a smartphone display for example. Well, at least it floats on water, right? No, it looks as though it’s definitely sinking in that fish tank. If you are going to advertise it in the display, you really should have it working guys.

Have you ever accidentally put butter into your mouth and started chewing it thinking it was chocolate or ice cream? I was on a date one time and this lady brought me out what appeared to be two scoops of beautiful ice cream. Instead of putting it in my pancakes, I decided that Ice Cream would be far better going directly into me. Within a few seconds my girlfriend was cracking up laughing and I was running over to where there were no people so I could spit it all out. I would not recommend a mouthful of this stuff to my worst enemy. It’s far worse than it appears.

Are you sure you are out of pretzels? It appears as though you still have quite a few pretzels. OK, so the truth is somebody probably filled the tray back up and forgot to take the sign down, but it’s still funny for anyone walking in front of the display. Meanwhile, some slacker is having a conversation in the back.

Remember at the beginning when I mentioned the false burger ad comparing it to reality? Well, this is the perfect example. This isn’t even a Burger King or McDonald’s. Here we have what nearly looks like a club sandwich and the advertising is way different when compared to the real roll.