Good old Vladimir Putin is the man behind the bold Russian country at the moment and apparently, he doesn’t mind fly fishing without a shirt on. We couldn’t imagine seeing many presidents from around the world going topless in front of the cameras, could you? Come to think of it the Australian prime minister likes to swim the ocean and be in front of the cameras in budgie smugglers. They call them budgie smugglers over there because it looks like a bird is in the man’s pants.

These pictures have always amazed me mostly because I don’t understand them. I guess you are supposed to put your head through a hole that is either in some way fascinating or funny. In this instance I think I get the comedy: you are agreeing to put your head through a hole that is officially marrying Vladimir Putin and that’s exactly the way he would want it to be.

What happens when you flip the bird to a police officer in the United States? You wouldn’t get off lightly. You would no doubt be pulled over or stopped on the sidewalk and given a fine. Things could even turn very ugly if you continued with having an attitude and they would justifiably take you to the ground where they would then probably try to do everything they possibly could do without going so far overboard as to legally abuse their power. In Russia, things are a little different. Instead of arresting you, they can flip the bird right back at you. As you can see, the passenger can’t believe what he is seeing and is even laughing.

Apple is one of the most iconic companies in the world and they have been built all over the globe. As they continue to pump out new smartphones and tablets each year, they continue to gain profits and build more world-class buildings. Have you seen what they look like in the United States? They are usually very futuristic-looking. It’s not just in the United States either. They are also very futuristic-looking in other places right around the world since they typically like to keep the same design everywhere they can. In Russia, things are a little bit different. They tend to find the worst building possible that hasn’t been renovated in about 150 years and then slap a nice Apple logo on it. there, that’s your Apple store.

Do you know how they love beer in Germany? Well, if you didn’t already know, they have a beer festival in Germany called October fest and it is filled with hot babes and giant beers from the largest beer glasses you have ever seen. As the name suggests, the October fest happens in October. Once again, things over in Russia are a bit different. They tend to drink large beers all day every day and they have this infatuation with sausages. You don’t think of ways you can use sausages apart from eating them like this person has unless you spend a lot of time with the sausage.

Over in Russia things can get cold. Like New York’s middle of winter cold. Just like over in the United States, Russia has large bears too. The only difference is you can sit down on a sofa and drink a beer with a Russian beer — so the story goes.

There is only one place in the world you would see a scene like this: Russia. The more I think about it the more I realize that it looks fairly American too. No wait, they aren’t just holding guns and listening to rap music. They have baseball bats and old man hats like that golfer guy. Yes, this is Russia — a place where they love Adidas more than most other places in the world.

This is my favorite picture of them all. See if you can spot what is wrong with this picture. If you guessed Mrs. Harry High Pants in the middle you would be right for a second. However, there is more to this picture than first meets the eye. take a closer look for a minute and take a good look around the hands of the lady. Yes, that’s a set of knuckle dusters and it’s not uncommon for women to ride the subway with them already fitted just in case you were to try something silly.

When things head toward the Russian ocean they are very different. The bears turn from brown to polar white. The men start wearing those funny-looking hats and the machinery is extremely rusted. At first, it appears as though this man is sitting down and posing for a picture, but then you realize he’s probably more likely climbing away from that wild polar bear that could quite easily kill him.

It’s always America that gets a bad rap for using guns and giving children guns. However, that’s more or less because of the media influence and nothing else. If you look at many other places around the world, you will see similar and often even worse acts. Take a look at where you find the KGB crew over in Europe and it’s not uncommon to see kids walking around with guns like these under their arms.