Those of you who have fallen pregnant before would know what it’s like trying to celebrate occasions during the year along with your friends. It’s not easy walking around with a baby in your stomach. I would know, I’ve been walking around with a pot belly for years.

So, do you want to see something cute? Check this first woman with a peeking baby through the top. To cap it all off, she’s even wearing a pink bow tie in her hair.

If you are lucky enough to have a little boy, you might be seeing a whole lot of these kinds of action figures. And by these, I’m of course referring to the woman below wearing the Ninja turtle top. That’s one way to make the bulge look cute. Make it into a human head — which it sort of is already, just in a much smaller form.

The additional good news for this woman is that she’s been lucky enough to be given an engagement ring so we know she is getting married. That’s my brilliant detective work coming into play.

Some girls don’t mind wearing tight clothes and showing the shape of a baby’s belly. Other girls don’t want to reveal what they have and want to wear loose clothes. The following girl falls somewhere in between the two. The reason, I say that is because her width is so round that she doesn’t mind people seeing that she’s wider than she normally would be. On the other hand, she’s also wearing something incredibly loosely. Maybe her thought was she wanted to give the baby plenty of room to wiggle. As in wiggle-room. Or maybe she’s dressed up as an egg as if to let the world know that she is being born herself. Or maybe she wanted to be able to relate to her baby and decided she should be hatching. Or maybe — OK, enough maybes. Whatever the reason, we’ll never know.

When living in the United States, you’ll likely come across some really cute girls that go to college — and get this: watch sports! yes, there are girls out there over that side of the world who attend sporting events and watch games. Not only that but they genuinely seem to be having a good time. That’s just unheard of anywhere else unless it’s a girlfriend who wants to impress her man and act interested.

Not only do women in the United States attend college games, but they can even be seen prancing around the house in a pair of sweats and a local college teams tee. Anyway, all that talk and I haven’t yet gotten to the best part of the story: he creates a baby basketball belly. It’s hard to believe her stomach region is that round; however, we are certain that’s a baby under there since she’s in the creative people with Halloween belly section.

The next picture is great if you are a nerd and a Star Wars fan. The downside? It wouldn’t be cool all the time. For example, as soon as she puts the camera down and starts living the rest of her night out, this outfit probably will never have the same effect again. Nevertheless, for these few seconds, while the camera is out and she dangles an intergalactic warship, it’s brilliant.

I was going to leave this next picture out because I for the life of me couldn’t work out who she was dressed up as. I know I’m from this era in life. I just cannot think of what it is. She looks a bit like one of those troll dolls that were popular in the 90s, or maybe it was just popular in my house because I had one in my mouth most hours of the day. However, I don’t think that’s what she is. Something out of Dr. Seuss? Like thing 1 and thing 2? Green eggs and ham? Nope, I cannot think of it. However, I’ve included the picture because I know it’s a good one for those of you out there who do know what it is.

If you want to be the Bella of the ball, you might want to get dressed up as a disco ball before hitting up the town. That’s the perfect disguise for a round tummy region. The only potential problem is it’s not a conspicuous disguise which kind of defies the purpose of a disguise in many ways. Anyway, here’s the next girl while you dance.

There’s little doubt who the happiest mother of them all is on the list and that’s this person with the smiling sunglasses and the large happy face over the belly of the baby. I like this photo because usually babies can be so dramatic. Not this baby. It’s all smiles over here.

Here is arguably my favorite on the list: a Barbie doll (who I normally don’t like on most other occasions in life) swinging from one of those concrete balls holding onto chains. That is genius. They’ve even put an effect on the camera to make it suit the style. Demolition Barbie.

And the last one on the list is a little cute, combined with a little creepy. You be the judge. Here is a pregnant woman wearing a fairly typical skeleton outfit. The only difference is there is also a baby skeleton that would be following the same shape as the real baby was in the womb.