You are probably thinking that we made these pictures up but in fact, many of them were published in large publications such as Mashable and The Wall Street Journal. Whether you want to view it as a wake-up call to not be so obsessed with taking pictures, or whether you just want to so what happened, the following pictures are of people who didn’t manage to live.

This girl reportedly never made it out of the river. You can see the bottom left image of her struggling to get up.

If you are afraid of heights then you probably want to look away now. Xenia was 17 years old and from Russia. As the story goes (inconclusive to judge) but she wanted to “impress her friends and take a selfie picture of herself 28 stories above the ground. Well, she certainly got up there without any trouble but coming down she fell onto a live wire which electrocuted her.

Jenni Rivera was a pop singer who was on a plane with 6 of her entourage when they started taking selfies. The plane crashed and had no survivors. This case is different from the rest because there’s nothing she could have done about it and the accident hadn’t anything to do with the picture as far as we know.

You might remember Courtney Sanford who passed away just last year. She was texting and driving and the stories were published all over social media. The comments sections were flooded with sympathy but also trolls with the message of how bad it is to text and drive. She was on Facebook at the time.

Jadiel is a famous musician from Puerto Rico. She loved riding motorbikes and took this photo only moments before having a fatal accident.

All of you will know of the infamous Malaysian Airlines airplane which was shot down by the Russian or Ukrainian military last year. Well, just so the story hits our hearts even more, here is a selfie that was taken on board that flight. The picture is taken from Gary Slok’s camera or smartphone which was either recovered after crashing or the picture was shared on social media and taken from there.

Oscar Otero Aguilar was a young Mexican man who wanted to take a selfie while holding a pistol. We don’t have a picture of the exact time he took that photo, but he reportedly didn’t live to see the end of it. yet another reminder of why we should stay away from guns.

Karen Hernandez was just 13 years old when she wanted to take a selfie picture on a smartphone of herself close to the banks of the El Tunel. Sadly, she did fall in and her body was recovered later unresponsive. These are just a few stories of reportedly real-life stories to serve as a reminder to never be too careful and always keep your mind in the right place.