Kat Dennings is that girl from the TV show where they do nothing but talk in a Diner for 30 minutes every night. Kind of like Becker but even less eventful. It does, however, have enough of an appeal for most men to keep watching anyway, thanks to Kat Denning’s bulging bra line in most episodes.

Sofia Vergara is one of the hottest women in the world according to many, but after listening to her talk for about 5 minutes you can’t help but imagine putting a sock in it while you continue looking. The part I like most about her would be the obvious choice in her chest. The second favorite part about her is the fact that she doesn’t date the usual suspects of what are usually considered attractive men. She is known to date more regular folk like you and me and that’s attractive.

Jessica Simpson used to have her own reality TV show once upon a time with that singer Nick somebody who we cannot even remember anymore. Jessica was always portrayed as the dumb blonde girl who was incredibly ditsy. It’s hard to not believe that has played a role in people not talking her up as much as they probably would if she wasn’t perceived in that way. If you just look at the pictures, she is a very attractive woman.

I’ve known of Kim Kardashian since she has about 1,300 friends on My Space and most of those were bodybuilding men. Since then she has migrated to the back few pages of newspapers in the red carpet section and then eventually onto her own TV show. While most people in public pretend to hate her, there’s no doubt she is one of the most popular people in the world. She also looks great on TV most nights if you happen to look down below the usual eye line.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the hit TV show Mad Men you need to check it out. It’s by far and away one of the best television shows. There’s also another reason to check it out and that’s to catch a glimpse of Christina Hendricks. Christina has one of the largest racks of TV in the modern era and that also makes for easy viewing.

The Australian billionaire James Packers is not dating Mariah Carey. I just recently found out that Mariah has a baby boy. Who knew she was in a relationship that serious before? Regardless of what happened to her personal life before, she’s definitely going steady with James Packer now. Most media outlets assumed they would get married really quickly, but they have withstood that temptation. They are, however, allegedly looking at moving in together really soon. While we are sure James does genuinely love Mariah, we are also sure her large chest probably has something to do with that love.

Have you seen that TV show called The Hills? Well, this is Heidi. Do you know that Heidi and Spencer couple? They have been in the news a lot recently and apparently are creating a new show. While most people say their relationship was over, it looks like they are going stronger than ever. One thing we didn’t realize was that Heidi isn’t all natural up there. That’s not obvious in clothes but is really obvious in a bikini with those twin basketballs.

Kate Upton was the biggest name to headline that leaked photo scandal that we cannot name here because it’s for a general audience only. The good news for her is that those photos have since been taken down and are no longer available from the original sources — not that I have looked at or anything. One thing is for sure: her rack stays just as large when she’s not in the clothes as it does when she is in the clothes. There’s some genuine size to her there. She also dates fairly average-looking men which is great news for us regular-looking folk.