Most middle-class families out there like to travel around once per year. Some even pride themselves on it at my expense. Of course, not all families are that lucky, but on average that’s the going rate for the middle class. It’s not always about owning the biggest house or the fastest car. Sometimes we want to have average things and spend the rest of our money traveling the globe and seeing places that magazines can only tell us about.

With that being said, traveling is really difficult if you are a young, budding family with children. The kids can be a handful, and it’s always best if you are a true-life hacker pro to make your trip easier. Here is our list of the top ten travel hacks which will make your trip a heck of a lot easier than it would’ve been before. Let us know what you think of the list down below in the comments section. And don’t forget to click the next button over to the side to view the rest of the images. There’s only one per page.

Let’s kick things off with some good ideas. How’s this one: rewarding your kids with good behavior bags? Let them take a lucky dip for being on their best behavior, and you’ll soon see that they are all golden children waiting for the next bag. You don’t have to spend large sums of cash on the trick either.

There’s nothing more essential to go into our bodies than a good drink. That’s why keeping your kids hydrated is so important. Furthermore, that’s always an issue inside of cars and other things such as buses when traveling. Make sure you equip yourselves with some good kid drink bottles with lids that are made out of good quality plastic. That way they won’t break or spill. Oh, and check out the dice idea to the right. Sweet!

Everyone’s kids have their own Sippy, and if they don’t, it’s probably about time you made sure they do because it will never leave their hands after they have one. Did you know you can Lasso the Sippy like a cowboy so it can’t go anywhere? Give it enough breathing room, so your kid’s arms don’t get caught, and it gets frustrating for them. Otherwise, they’ll soon let you know about it. But if you are inside the cars you want that Lasso short enough so the slippy can’t touch the ground after you open a door etc. Those of you with expensive, luxurious cars will probably want to make it short enough, so it doesn’t hit the car ground either.

You must teach your kids from a young age how to be sanitary. That means washing up and keeping clean so that the germs don’t keep getting passed around. If you have ever been a teacher of young kids, you’d know how many kids get sick. Once one kid is sick, the whole class is sick. It’s good for your health to make sure that your kids are healthy, as well as it is important for their health. Make sure you use this travel hack for washing your hands. It stops the soap from dropping and ending up in places you wish weren’t touching your hands. Because it’s wrapped in a woman’s stocking, it comes with holes big enough to fit the soap through once you run the tap under the soap.

Kids love to eat and sometimes when they request so many things it’s just easier to say yes. That’s why one of these boxes is so handy with separate compartments. That way you can split up your food. If you kept everything in separate packets, it would take up a great deal of room in the car, and that’s annoying.

We all know how much kids love players with magnets and letters. They are always using them in school too. Well, why not get a great box like this to keep the letter and use the lid as the metal for the magnets? Now your kids can occupy themselves with learning how to spell words, and if they don’t work, they’ll at least get some use out of the magnets.

Maybe the mothers out there will understand why this one is so good. I think it’s protecting and covering up the car seat, so spills don’t land there. Instead, they’ll land on the sheet. It’s an ugly look but a very effective way of saving your car until it’s just you and the nice car again driving back to work after the holiday.

If you have kids, then you’ll know how much kids love straws. It’s a more entertaining way of consuming a drink. If that’s the case then why not buy a cheap packet of straws from the supermarket and pierce the top of the Applesauce for them? Now they will be sucking the straw all day. It stops any leaks too.

We all know about the sippy but what if your child is a bit older and doesn’t want to use a sippy? Are you going to risk them dropping the rink or spilling the drink? We all know accidents happen and it’s only a matter of time that the drink spills. Therefore, you should check out this very good idea to stop your drinks from spilling on the carpet and upholstery. Who would have ever thought of that? Not me.

Most kids struggle to sleep when they are at home. However, the excitement and the long days of travel often exhaust them much better to the point they are falling asleep much easier. Make sure you make the most of that and keep them happy. Most kids love sleeping with a night light because the dark’s just a little bit scary. As silly as that sounds most mothers probably don’t enjoy the dark either but they sleep with the light off to prevent themselves from going cockeyed. Anyway, packing a cute night light that isn’t so bright that it disturbs the grown-ups is important for the kids. Tip: some are more fragile than others. You can tell this elephant hack would be fairly durable.