Having a girlfriend who studies architecture in New York, I’ve developed a ton of respect for how much work it is to succeed in that field. They work most hours of the day around the clock, and that’s if there are no problems. Sometimes we take architecture for granted. We all have different ideas about what good design is, but most experts will tell you that keeping up with the times and also having some unique style integrated into your work is what others like. Speaking of exactly that, this 560 square feet home below is something spectacular that’s built oddly down an alley that makes you think a train station crossed with a lighthouse, even though lighthouses usually go upwards.

It has to be one of the most uniquely designed homes we’ve ever seen. From the outside, it isn’t going to tickle most people’s fancy, but after you check out the inside, you’ll easily fall in love and understand that you too could probably be living tucked away in this corner of the street.

The first thing you must do to develop some respect for the designer understands that it’s purposely built to fit into the location. Taking a look at the first picture you can see that it’s at the end of the street all by itself and it’s a narrow road at that. Being able to use that and feature a unique design is great in itself. However, if it’s not livable inside, then it’s a waste of time because that is the main reason for having a home after all.

Here we are still looking at the outside but taking away the street view. You can see the very front of the house sticks out from the bottom story all by itself. That would be enough to scare many people away because they’d think it might be falling. Once you see the modern inside, you’ll have more confidence and perhaps even understand why it’s built that way. I like to call this house the art house. Not taking anything for granted, check out what they’ve done with the minuscule area for landscaping at the front with the stones and grass.

Would you believe this is the same place? Well, I can tell you that 100 is the same art house at the end of the street. This is downstairs as you can see by the sleek modern wooden staircase that runs around the outside. That’s great to have in itself because often it’s one of the more expensive staircases to build. You can see that it has enough Windows to let a good amount of light in with the drapes open and still reserve enough privacy to have if you want to settle down. The bed fits perfectly in the corner of the room so that it’s not restricted and there’s more than enough room for the chest of drawers that could have more drawers than any other we’ve ever seen. That’s only fitting in this house

Here you can see the photo taken from the other side of the room, but it’s looking back the other way. Now you have the photographer standing behind the bed so you can see what it looks like if you were to be laying in bed.

Here’s a shot of the spare bedroom. You can see that it doesn’t come with anywhere near as much room as the other bedroom– the master which we looked at in one of the earlier shots. That being said, it does have enough space, and considering you know what’s on the outside you are mentally ready to compromise on that space. If anything it’s crazy to think it has that much space.

This is a great shot that looks back at all of the rooms together that we have shown you in each photo. You can see the kid’s room up the top in the attack, the kitchen down below, the living area, and the ladder which is going up the stairs. It’s even got a tiny little kitchen table that’s just enough room for your small family if you wanted to eat in the kitchen. That’s not the dining area they would normally eat in, though.

Check out this gorgeous living space with an added TV or computer on the bench for those who can’t do without a bit of technology. They’ve even managed to incorporate a ladder coming down from the second story instead of a staircase. As silly as it sounds, you have to admit it doesn’t look half bad.

From looking at it on the outside, you wouldn’t think you could find this much space for an elegant kitchen. Granted the shape is far from traditional and they’ve had to utilize the corner of the room and not the middle of the chamber for a conventional bench top, but they’ve managed to pull it off thanks to the high ceiling which make the room feel open.

What would a beautiful full-sized home be without a play area for the kids? Even though some people don’t have children a traditional home does have added areas stepping outside of the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and bedrooms, and if you didn’t want to set up a regular games room, how about sleep kids play area with just enough toys to decorate the room. You wouldn’t think kids’ toys could look so stylish, would you? However, if you take a look at this room it almost looks classy. It could be the best kids’ play area we’ve ever seen. In the real world, you won’t be keeping those walls clean for long, though.