The much-anticipated HTC One X is due to launch in early May and is already being hailed as one of the best looking smartphones on the Android market thanks to developers putting heavy focus on the devises design. But when it comes to keeping the consumer happy HTC’s design team has taken it a step further and developed some extra bright and cool looking HTC One X cases.

It’s no secret that smartphone owners like to use cases to personalise, protect and spruce up their devices. But the HTC One X design team seem to understand this and have designed a case, which will let you add your own colourful flare while still showing of the sleek design of the new mobile. While the cases don’t offer much in the way of screen protection, they certainly do look good and are made from a light, thin and flexible material which does nothing but enhance the devices appearance. At this stage we have only seen the orange and blue cases, but they will be available in a variety of colours and patterns so there will be something for everyone.