We all know we hate school when we are going to school, but did you know that most people — including the bad guys sitting up at the back of the classroom causing problems — finish school and think back at how good it was. It’s true; I don’t know a single soul that says those school days weren’t some of the best days of their lives. That credit doesn’t get thrown the way of the teachers, the principal, or the playing equipment, but rather than an amazing group of people you were surrounded by every day.

It’s a sad fact that many school leavers will probably get a job that doesn’t have them around many people for their working hours and after around ten years you’ll start to remember what it was like growing up around such a large group of people and how much fun that was. Then, of course, there are the amazing memories you have with your close circle of friends. Sadly, the statistics show you’ll probably stop seeing most of those people too.

Anyway, below is a list of ten reasons why school friends are the best kind of friends you’ll ever have.

Because the friendships are formed from your young years which gives ample time to really get to know each other. That much is very true. You’ll make some friends when you get older but ask yourself how much do I really know this person? The ones who know you best are the ones who were around from your school years.

There’s another side to that story too. Sometimes in life, we need our friends to pick us up. Who is going to be there when things aren’t going your way? The guy you met when you were older? Probably not. He probably just wants to hang out when you are better. The true friends are developed from a young age, and you shouldn’t take them for granted, or you might end up without any true friends.

Because they already know way too much about you. Why would you want to leave a group of friends that know so much about you that they could literally ruin your lives if your best secrets were to leak? Think of it as a silent blackmail. You don’t want to treat them badly, or it’s all over for you.

Because nobody knows you better than they do, nobody will care for you like they do and nobody will keep your secrets like they do. Here you can see a good moment in the car between the couple. Would you get times like that elsewhere? Well, you might get the slap but not much else.

Because you can have all the faith in the world with them and trust them with unconditional trust. That rule will be broken by some people, but for the most part, you can keep this trust.

Because you not only started to get to know them when you were young, but that also equates to you knowing them for a huge part of your lives. Part of the reason why people know you so well is because they simply have been there for so long.

Because they know your preferences and choices far better than most other. You might wonder how on earth you live with your parents for so many years and they hardly know you.

You can totally be yourself around them, and there’s no pretending. That is ideal for several reasons. The main one is hat you can always be yourself, and you don’t have to hold back or pretend to be something you are not.

You can always be yourself when other are around. There’s plenty of upside with being able to be yourself, and it will calm your soul like never before. You might think you are having a great time around others when you are around people you like, but if you aren’t yourself, that will soon run thin. It’s important to be around individuals who like you for who you are. That way you can feel free and have fun.

They will never judge you for being yourself. You know when you are letting your hair down and people you hardly know think it’s OK to judge you? Well, that won’t happen with your closest friends from school that you’ve known for ages. They’ll still love you the next day no matter what you did the day before.