The London Underground is to Londoners what the Subway is to our New York friends. Suffice it to say that seeing a bunch of rather attractive females walking down there in underwear isn’t the usual sight to see. We all know that modeling is usually about the looks and the walk. A part of modeling that often is disregarded is the talented photographers who do a lot of work picking destinations to shoot the models. Things took a turn recently when this photographer thought the London Underground would be the best place for a photo shoot for these three beautiful girls.

Here you can see that this isn’t just a fake scene designed to look like that were really down in the Underground. You can see the daily commuters heading to and from work about to board the train and waiting for other trains. Furthermore, judging by the people around them, it’s not exactly hot down there. This is London after all.

People in London and New York share something in common that’s more than just a subway or underground area for trains. They both live in places of the world that can be very cold at times. Both parts of the world do see snow over the winter, and considerable snow at that. They go far south from what is the temperature where things turn to ice. I think New York sees the warmer Summer where the temperature can be 100 in local talk and around 40 degrees in United Kingdom/Australian talk.

We know that the United Kingdom and London never see any weather that’s close to 40 degrees or 100 in the United States. That’s why we know that regardless of when this photo was taken, it’s probably very chilly down there. Not to mention that it’s normally cold underground even when it is nice and warm above what would be ground level.

Here the ladies have made their way on the train. They finally get to escape the coldness of the platform and manage to get inside what we assume would be climate-controlled carriages. At least they did manage to find a section of the train all to themselves. I’ve never seen a train look so sexy, have you? Where would you prefer to be sitting?